A Loose Tooth?!

Hi! After my little break, I’m back and revved up as always!! :slight_smile:

My dentist just told me that I am supposed to loose 2 (now 1) teeth/tooth before they put my braces back on. I’m 12 years old and I’m just wondering if this is normal…All my friends have lost all their teeth and have had braces for a year now.

Everyone matures at different rates. I lost all my baby teeth before I was 10, but some people keep some of them forever (no joke!). Don’t worry about what your friends are doing and when, you’re perfectly normal.

Gota agree everyonce different. i stillhavent got my wisdom teeth through and i’m 26 (my mum thinks its coz i haventgot any wisdom yet haha, dont you just love mums hey lol).

i wouldnt worry about it it is normal for some people to loose teeth younger and others a little older

The dentist also said that 2 of my teeth shouldn’t come out because there was no adult tooth under them. Although this 1 tooth is so loose that I could pull it out but cant because 1 side of it is stuck in my permanent retainer that I have. They said they wont take the retainer off until I lose the tooth. (What…?)

If it makes ya feel any better, my husband lost 7 teeth when he was 32…lol…Ok, well, he didn’t really lose them, they had to be pulled out. At least, hopefully, yours should grow back! Hubby is just 7 teeth short now and would have to get fake teeth to fill in all his gumminess :teehee:

Ok, now I need to yank (ow) the 1 tooth out of the retainer. There was something I used when I was little to numb my gums a little. Was it called something like Orajel?

Yeah, it probably was Orajel or maybe Anbesol. Both work to numb the pain.

Okay. How did you guys get rid of teeth when you were kids? I’ll just about anything to get rid of this tooth. (I mean like anything but ripping my head off chopping off a leg etc. :roflhard:)

I don’t personally remember my own loose teeth, but I remember my kids going through the same thing. Those loose, wiggly teeth drove them nuts. They usually just ended up having someone pull them out for them. If you do make sure it’s [I]really[/I] loose though!

You know, before your time, they used to wait to put braces on kids till they were about 12-14 till all the baby teeth fell out so I think it’s abnormal to be loosing one at your age. :thumbsup:

I had braces on my teeth in the 60s when I was in the 6th grade and was 12. But yes, all my baby teeth were gone by then, and the 12 year molars were in.

My son is 14 and doesn’t have braces and just lost his last baby tooth last night. It’s been hanging on for the past year even though his adult tooth is there and just pushed that one to the side. He had until the end of October and then the dentist was going to pull it for him. But lucky him he pulled it out himself.

I’m 23 now and have had two sets of braces (one set starting when I was 7 or 8 and another set around 15). I still had a baby tooth after they started me on the second set and about halfway through, I had it pulled. It wouldn’t have fallen out on it’s own for a long time because I didn’t have a “grown-up” tooth under it.

As several other people have mentioned, everyone matures differently and has their own unique situations. Not to be condiscending, but you are 12–give it time. :slight_smile:


there is a lot of difference in the ttimes people loose their teeth and avryation with different teeth.
13ish is usually the latest although around 11 is average. which teeth are they do you know? sorry i’m just curious, i work with skeletons and one of the methods of aging the younger ones is through which teeth they have and what stage of tooth growth they are at.

for those of you with wisdom teeth problems, dont worry you are not alone! they are odd teeth, not everybody has them, or all of them and some times people have them but they never erupt (break through from the jaw cavity into the mouth to be with the rest of the teeth). If they do come through, although the standard age range is given as 18 to 26, many people don’t get them until later. I even saw a guy who was in his 70s who only just had tem coming through!!

My DD still has baby canines. There are no adult teeth under them and the dentist says its unlikely there will ever be. She’s 18. We’re not too worried though. They seem to work just fine.

Don’t worry or think of yourself as abnormal for still losing teeth at 12. You’re just right!!! :slight_smile: Everyone’s teeth are different. :slight_smile:

I’m getting braces in a month. Yay! But I still have a few baby teeth and they are still giving them to me. They said they would put the braces on but not on my baby teeth. I think I used to use orajel when i was little too. I still have some loose teeth and the dentist says I might have to get them pulled. Just keep trying. Why don’t you just let it be? It’s just my 2cents

As I see it…teeth come and go…it is nature!

I have one crown…blah…

Oh and don’t even get into wisdom teeth! I had all of mine out at 15…they were all impacted!

I had braces when I was 9. They soon realized that they weren’t doing me any good. Now they’re waiting until October or November to put them back on. Thank you everyone!

It’s hanging on to my retainer and its just under impossible to eat. It’s a canine and it’s just stabbing my gum and tongue whenever I close my mouth.

Oh it’s basically out. It’s stuck in the other adult tooth growing above it and the permanent retainer I have.

When I was little, my mom had to twist on a tooth to get it out. There was another one under it and we had to get it out. A little twist should do it.