A little help please!!

Hello all!

I wonder if anyone is able to help with the below:

I am working on a small dog coat pattern and am attempting to knit the ‘Milly’ design.

I am now on the underside part of the pattern and I am a little confused. I would usually look up some videos but it’s part of the pattern that I can’t work out and I wondered if you could maybe give me some advice? When it gets to shaping under the front legs it says the below:

Next row - K9 (9,11), pattern to last 9 (9,11) sts, K to end.

“pattern to last 9…” does this refer to the 6 row pattern from earlier or from the beginning where we are making 1 after the first 4 sts and just before the last 4 sts?

I did the latter but I’m not sure it is right as I have now ended up with 31 sts instead of 25… (I’m aware I have gone wrong somewhere!!). Before I unravel it all and start again I thought I would broach to ask the question and see if anyone is able to advise me at all!

The pattern then says "Continue straight, keeping the first and last 4 sts K in every row until work measures 16 (20,22) cm from beginning…) - knitting straight, does this mean K one row and P the next or again does this refer to the 6 row pattern?

Thanks in advance and here’s the pattern!
<imgsrc="/uploads/default/original/2X/f/f567f559d68eb0288192a88276cbaaa621a3094b.jpeg" width=“900” height=“1200”>


It’s probably the 6 row pattern that you have been doing but it would help to have a link to a photo or the pattern.
Continue straight means to continue without increases or decreases so it’s likely that also means in the same stitch pattern. You may be able to confirm this by checking the photo.

ETA: Is this it?

Very cute. Yes, it shows the stitch pattern continuing. See especially the 2nd photo here:

That’s super, thank you! Yes that is the one and all makes sense now!! Thank you so much for getting back to me! I shall unravel and crack on!! X