A handknit you didn't know you needed

an apple jacket! You put this on your fruit to keep it from getting bruised in your bag/purse.

The design possibilities!

Credit goes where credit is due. I found the design here:

Too cute! I want the pattern, though – not the actual piece…

that’s cute!
if it had red stitching it would look like a baseball.

After a little research it looks like Funky Knits might have the pattern or a similar pattern. There’s also a banana cozy, but I’m not sure that would be something you should take to the office. Some people might not understand. :wink:

A baseball apple would be really cute!

If I brought an apple in a sweater to work, I’d be laughed out of the building!:rofling::rofling:

I wold SO make a knitted baseball. :oo::oops:

lol - that’s just adorable. :roflhard:

Cute! Though I would probably get laughed out of school with a sweater like that as well. :teehee:

LOL… you could always make it pseudo apple coloured with a fun fur spot to make it look like it had grown mould… LOL… :wink:

:oops: ahhhhh welll…
I have the pattern from Funky Knits if anyone would like it.
It seemed like such a good idea at the time… :??

There’s a free apple protector pattern at http://www.50connect.co.uk/50c/artsandcrafts.asp?article=13529.