A grey vest

Hello evryone!
First I wish to tell you all how much I appreciate this forum! It is really great to see what you are all knitting, and Amy’s videos are simply great (:muah: Thank you Amy! ). You really kept me starting knitting anew and it is such fun and relaxing (it became my antidote to stress.)

Anyway, I have been rather sleepy :sleepy: these days, not posting anything – but I have kept work up! As it is really cold here (and rainy) I figured out to move from scarfs to producing vests (because they have no wicked-to-knit-sleeves). Before giving one to my boyfriend, I wanted to try one for me. It rather looks like an experiment with patterns, but I still like it. There is no real collar to it, because I like there rolls of purl turning out when you just leave ha hole for the head. It is plain grey knits and from top down it has weird stripes (next time I will use enlongated stich there) and the last third of it is a lace pattern (looks like fishnet). I had no model to go but made an experiment with patterns. So it turned out quite ok with me.

Any suggestions which patterns I could use on a vest for my boyfriend? (I thought about two colours, stitching his Chinese name in front, but I am not sure whether this will look a little childish…) You are all so creative, I would really appreciate your ideas on this.
Thanks - and we are nearly two weeks from christmas!!! :cheering:

I’d love to see the shape of your vest, I’m making one for my mom but really have no idea what I’m doing as far as dec for the arms and neck…
She doesn’t want it to look like it should be worn closed she wants to wear it open so I’m not doing anything to close it.

Hi jberry16,

I am sorry, I am a beginner at vest-knitting. I just produced 2 square parts. One is still in progress. They don’t have dec or something, it is basically a pullover without arms. I am sorry this won’t be any help.
On the “free patterns” section of this page, you will probably find models.
m :pout:

Good luck! I would love to see the finished product!

:cheering: I finished my vest! …and I am sooo proud I did it.
I am a bit sad it turned out so short - while knitting I thougt it was ok that length :wall: Anyway, it was my first try, and my second vest will be better.

It is plain grey yarn - done with 4mm needles - and the pattern is from up to down only knit. There are stripes in it that are caused by the 8mm needles I used for 3 succeeding rows now and then to create a spripe. It is actually like mini-enlongated stitch.
The last third of the vest is a lace pattern: every second row knit stitch, knit stich, yarn over, slip stitch knitwise, psso (decrease) .
I started this pattern not always each row at the same point, so the holes would not build vertical rows. So when starting the row, 1st row knit like above, 2ned row start the pattern knitting 3 stitches or 4 to place the hole not exactly above the last one.

Whew that’s some complicated instructions but it sure turned out nice!

it turned out great!

:cheering: thank you!
yes, I like it very much. :rofl:
I am into more now… to see if I can improve the product and make some for my family and my boyfriend… :eyebrow:
Anyway, if you like any pattern I used, just ask, I know I am not good at typing instructions. :star:
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Merry Christmas to all! (sooo excited, I just love christmas…) :heart:
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