A gauge Question

When I do a swatch. I always come out with the right amount across. Swatch is most of the time longer than it calls for. The one I’m working with now say’s 19st’s cast on and 27 rows = 4sq. inch swatch. My swatch is 4in’s across and 5in’s long. Wonder what’s up with that? :thinking:

It’s not uncommon to have a stitch gauge that’s right on, and be off on the row gauge. I honestly don’t even really look at the row gauge when I’m making something. It is much easier to adjust the length of an item than fixing something that ends up too wide or too narrow, which you just can’t fix once it’s all said and done.

You’re not alone!!

Thanks for answering so quickly. That sounds good to me. I’ll not worry myself anymore about that. :slight_smile: