A FO and a couple of WIP (remember the cat in the hat!)

Please look at my blog a scarf I finished over the weekend for my dh. I used the LionBrand Homespun for this because I had bought it last year especially for dh…before learning of other lucious yarns.

Also a dish towel in progress and the two hats in progress (aka the cat in the hat…but he is missing this time). :roflhard:

Those hats look like fun? Are they for the boys?

Yes, they are for my boys…they picked out the colors…I’m off to the LYS tomorrow to get more yarn to finish them up. They want me to knit them scarves too to match.

It is a PAIN for me to put pix on here but I decided to since some may not want to go to my blog.

First is of dh’s scarf, then I’ll post the WIPs of the hats and dish cloth.


Hat 2


I meant to ask what kind of yarn that is. Love the colors!

Well, my boys picked these out from a “sample” they saw online…someone’s blog that we know personally.

The solid yarns are Plymouth Encore Worsted (75% acrylic, 25% wool). The varigated is called Jelli Beenz by Plymouth (same fiber content as the other).

SOOO fun!!! :roflhard:

So cute! Kids sure are drawn to that JelliBeenz…my 5yo picked some out too. :smiley:

Wow those colors are great!

Thanks, everyone…I can’t wait to get those finished in the next few days.

The hats (and scarf!) look great!! The yarns your boys picked are so fun! I have a Jacob, too-he’s 11…and a Michael, Noah, and Grace too :smiley:

I called him sweet pea too, lol!

Too cute :smiley:

cute hats, cute kids, cute cat! I love your blog! :wink:

Love your blog! And those hats!! I haven’t seen hats like that in a long time! I love them!

Thank you!!!