A few sock questions for you all

I just started knitting my first ever pair of socks the other night using some leftover yarn from a baby afghan. In fact, I’m not even done with the first sock yet, but I am already in LOVE with the technique, the finished product (well, what I’ve got finished anyway) and the feel. So I was talking to dh about making some for him as well as our 3 yo ds. He said that there were 2 conditions to me making him some socks (rofl): first he wants white and he doesn’t want 2x2 ribbing (said it’s too girly).

So, what yarn would you recommend I look into for a white pair of socks and is it ok to make socks with 1x1 ribbing? TIA

You can use any type of ribbing or top part you want. 2x2 ribbing is the stretchiest (is that a word?) so that is used often. Here’s a few links to some sock yarn. I’ve only used Parade so far myself, but I’ve seen others list with the FO’s. If you don’t want to hand wash make sure you check that as well.

KnitPicks sock yarn
Diva Knitting

You can get a lot more by clicking the banners here in the forum and a google search.

You might think of wool (superwash with a little nylon for washability and resillience). Wool breathes well. Thinks I’ve knitted with cotton don’t have the bounce back factor that my wool ones do. The hard truth is that you won’t wind up with socks that feel like the ones you buy in the store because most contain a bit of lycra. That said, I would recommend you make a pair for yourself first so he can see the type of fabric you get using yarn and his reaction will tell you if you should do some for him. I don’t make socks for dd because she’ll outgrow them before I get them done :>)

I made a pair for dh (now xh) out of bulky yarn (because they knit up faster). He didn’t touch them until he moved out and lived this winter in a 50* trailer house! Too late to appreciate me now!

Besides, you deserve a nice pair of socks first! they are way addicting to knit. Have fun!

The socks I made for my DH were a 2x1 rib, and I did them out of a WW wool. He chose the colours, and they ended up looking like a denim blue version of work socks {which is what he wanted!}. I got the pattern from my LYS, Ram Wools, on the website it’s called Hockey Socks, but the pattern leaflet {from Briggs & Little} is called Heavy Socks. I made them using the recommended B&L Tuffy, but won’t likely use that wool again as it isn’t a superwash.

In any case, I don’t find the 2x1 rib girly at all… even though my ‘take it with me everywhere’ sock is a 2x1!!!

Thank you everyone! We’re heading out to my LYS tomorrow so that he can look at all the types of yarn and decide what he might want. I’ll have to try a 2x1 swatch for him to look at and decide whether it’s macho enough for him. :wink:

U know, KnitPicks’ Essential has a nice Navy that I have for some socks for Lonnie (as well as a gazillion other skeins, balls & hanks :roflhard: :rofling: ) Oh…Mountain Colors have nice manly looking yarns, too :wink:

If you’d rather use cotton than wool, Cascade Fixation comes in white: http://www.simplysockyarn.com/Detail.bok?no=38 :smiley: