A few questions on a purse pattern

Hi all! First off I’d like to say I’m a total knitting newb (I’ve been knitting for about 2 weeks, and I’ve finished one reeeally easy little pouch so far)… I found this site a couple of days ago, and I thought you guys might be able to answer a few questions I have. I’m glad I found your forum- you all seem so nice and helpful! :smiley:

Ok. Here comes the fun. I want to make this purse for a friend. (the pattern is included towards the bottom of the page)


The yarn I bought is worsted weight, as opposed to the super bulky weight that was used in the example. The pattern says that worsted is ok, but it requires more cast on stitches. (This also might be a good time to tell you that I’ve never really followed a pattern before… I understand it, but its still a bit confusing :?? Also, this is my first attempt at cabling.) Question number one: How do I know where to start cabling? I know the pattern gives a specific spot, but I’m still a little confused. What do I do when I get to the bold “P8” point? Also, since I’m using (I guess you could say) thinner yarn, should I use needles smaller than size 13?

LOL, these are probably dumb questions, but I really am in a rut. Any help/advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks so much!


I believe she put the k8 and p8 in bold because those are the stitches you will use for your cables.

EXCEPT do a cable crossing (cross 4 sts; I’ve put in bold where to cross) [color=red]every 10 rows - on rows 6, 16, 26, 36, etc[/color]. to desired length, and end bag with 5 rows after the last cable crossing, then bind off.

If you’re using worsted weight, your fabric will be very loose if you use the size 13 needle, but if you use a smaller needle, the bag will be smaller.

You could double your worsted weight and follow the original pattern. :thinking:

Thanks for the help, Ingrid! I kinda thought that thats what she meant by the bold, but I just wanted to make sure. I think what I’ll do about the needles is just go smaller and kind of experiment… I don’t have a time limit on this project anyway.

Thanks again! :smiley: