A few questions about Zimmermann's Epaulet Jacket

Hi all,

I’ve had to take a bit of a break from knitting (just no time for it, sadly!) and am finally deciding to start a new project. I’ve been wanting to make the Epaulet Jacket in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s book Knitting Workshop (p. 165 & 170), and I have a couple questions (and am hoping some of you have actually made this sweater before!).

  1. I’m having trouble understanding Zimmermann’s use of “knit up” as opposed to “pick up” in this pattern, as well as in other instruction sets throughout her book. In the glossary, she or the editors indicate that many knitters confuse the two terms, but I’m having trouble visualizing the difference between the two. For “knit up,” she explains, “along a selvedge or other edge, fish through a series of loops onto the right-hand needle where they will form stitches;” for “pick up,” she explains, “along a selvedge or other edge, pick up stitches by putting the right-hand needle through them” (p. 174, 175).

  2. Does anyone foresee disaster if I try to knit the Epaulet Jacket using 100% cotton yarn at a gauge of 4 x 4 per square inch (besides the fact that I’ll have to make adjustments to the stitch counts)? The instructions in Knitting Workshop (p. 165) call for a gauge of “5 sts to 1 inch” using Canadian Regal wool or two-ply sheeps’ wool.

I appreciate any suggestions, cautions, or encouragement!


With ‘knit up’ you would just knit the sts along the edge - the one step version of ‘pick up and knit’ where usually you ‘pick up’ the sts on a needle and ‘knit’ them off it. Most knitters just knit the sts along the edge without picking them up with the L needle, so do it either way you want.

As to the gauge, it’s your call. I don’t like a gauge that dense myself for worsted (either 4 or 5 sts/inch) but you’ll just have to make a largish swatch of 6 or 8 inches and see how you like it.

I have not made this jacket but you can get help over on Ravelry. There is forum called Zimmermaniacs. http://www.ravelry.com/groups/zimmermaniacs
Someone there will surely be able to help you.
Or go to www.Schoolhousepress.com. Toward the bottom of the L hand column on the home page it tells you who to contact for technical help with any EZ or Meg Swansen pattern. Meg herself will answer your questions.