A doll?

dose any one have any simple patterns for a doll? not to hard as im not any good but i would love to give this a shot. any kinda doll will do big or small long as it simple. i know its a big ask but one of u might have a pattern… post harder dolls to i could always try.

There is a doll pattern in one of Classic Elite’s new booklets: Puddle Jumpers. There are also a bunch of other great patterns in it too, so it’s worth paying for.


Here’s a site with tons of doll patterns, most look pretty easy.


Good luck, can’t wait to see what you come up with :slight_smile:

I just received an email from KnitPicks with a pattern for a doll as well as books. You might check their webpage to see what they have. the doll is named Lula.

yes thank u! there aer some realy sweet ones for little girls my sisters kids will be happy tho some were right now 2 hard but i shall take a note-writes it down- for when im a bit better who knows we could hae a knittied doll family one day. :shrug: