A crochet question


I’m not experienced in crotchet. I know how to hold the work and yarn and make a few stitches and I’m having a go at this pattern.
My question is, in the first rounds am I aiming to produce a flat circle or should it be curling up?
If it is supposed to be flat, mine is curling up, does this mean my tension is too tight?

Also, in the videos I have watched I am not really sure where I am supposed to work into. Is it the hole just under the 2 bars at the top? These bars to me look like > like a side ways knit stitch. Am I to work under that or actually into it? Or into the bigger holes which appear to be between 2 chains?

Thank you - and sorry I don’t know the correct vocabulary or how to describe the question.

@ColoCro @Snowfleas or @OffJumpsJack
can help please.

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If you are matching the stitch count at the end of each round or row, then you are probably good. A Pineapple does have a cup shapped bottom.

For a smooth face you work under both lines of the >, which is the top of the stitch. Patterns will give special instructions otherwise.

A Pineapple pattern may use the phrase “work the next stitch in back loop only” to create a ridge on the front or outside of the work.

Does your pattern have any special stitches or pattern of stitches defined before the start of the full pattern?


Thank you this really helpful. I have been going in under that > space so I think I have the right place.
No special stitches, chain, slip stitch, single crotchet and double crotchet.
I’m not convinced I’m doing it all right but I’ll keep going.
I’m using some yarn I really don’t like but it’s a dirty yellow which I think acceptable for a pineapple and my son has been asking for a pinapple squishie so I’m having a go.

My current round I seem a stitch off so I’ll back track a bit.

I have to change colour. Do I just leave the yarn tails to sew in later like with knitting?

Thanks for your help.

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OK I’m stuck.

I have completed round 5 and I think I produced the correct number of stitches and pattern but I can’t get round 6 to add up i to it.
Here are these 2 rounds

Round 5: Join Yellow in a sc st that is above one of the single dc sts between 2 of the shells. Ch 3, dc 8 in the same st, skip 3 sts, sc 1, skip 3 sts, dc 9 in the same st, skip 3 sts, sc 1, skip 3 sts. Repeat to until the end of the round. Close with a sl st, changing color to Beige.
Round 6: Ch 2, sc 8, dc 1, ch 1, dc 1 in the sc st between 2 shells. Sc 9, dc 1, ch 1, dc 1 in the sc st between 2 shells. Repeat to until the end of the round

My round 5 has shells made of 9 stitches, little gap, 1 stitch little gap, shell of 9, little gap, 1 stitch etc.
To me this is 9, 1, 9, 1 and so on.
Round 6 seems to be to work 9 so into those same 9 shell stitches, but the next bit doesn’t fit, “dc1, ch1, dc1 in the stitch between shells” to me this uses 2 stitches where I only have 1.

I am not used to counting crotchet, only knitting, but I count 9 stitches in each shell and 1 stitch between, making 10 rather than 11. So I’m not sure how I work 11 into this or where I am misunderstanding it.

Thanks for helping

(Pattern skimmed)
Definatly work under both loops of the sideways V’s (or >).

Here is one exception that you go through the space below the chain.

Round 7: Join Yellow in a *1-ch space and work dc 9 in this ‘ch space’

With crochet, tails can be worked in as you go. Lay the tail along the top between the > (sideways V). When you work the next stitch it will wrap two loops around the stitch below and hide the tail. 3 stitches in a row is enough to secure the tail. Any extra can be left inside with the stuffing fiber.

Crochet is much more forgiving of a missed stitch and ‘frogging’ back than knit. I hope you enjoy making the Pineapple.


No advice, but I’d love to see this when you’re done. I immediately started singing the theme tune to SpongeBob SquarePants in my head when I saw the picture!


Rnd6: SC in each of the DC shell stitch, then work DC1, CH, DC1 all in the SC between the shells in the last round.

In your shorthand: 9 in the 9, then 3 in the 1.

Edit: it is a hidden increase. Three stitches worked in one SC of the previous round.
It creates a hollow triangle V between the yellow shells.

Round 7 then works the 9DC shell into the gap below the CH and between the DCs stitches.

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Oh, brilliant. Thank you so much.
It makes so much sense when you write it with brackets.
Do crotchet patterns generally not have brackets in them to show what should all come together into the single stitch?

I knew that dc, ch, dc needed to be symetrical somehow arround the single stitch between the shells and could not work out how.
This has got me back on track.
Possibly see you again on the next round - thanks!

I don’t think it will look like the photo on the pattern!
At the moment it is a wobbly wobbly thing, not sure if that is right or not but I’ll keep going and see what happens.

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Normally such a combination is called a ‘V’ stitch with the count of chains stated. (A large generalization.) This pattern should have mentioned the ‘V’ stitch and the ‘shell stitch’. Shell stitches: working 7 DC in one stitch or working 9 DC in one stitch.

With experience you also will recognize special groups of stitches when three author doesn’t call them out clearly.

The key phrase followed as “in the SC st between 2 shells” Then it was a question of how many of the preceding stitches “looked or sounded like a group” to be completed together.

A well written pattern would use grouping punctuation in addition to the separating comma.

Unfortunately, with self publishing there is little evidence of editorial knowledge of using/following standardized style sheet formats.

Html and forum style shortcuts for bold, italic, underlining, & et cetera formating can limit shapes and symbols one can use to code a pattern in a easily readable fashion. :roll_eyes::dizzy_face:‍:dizzy:

I actually charted Rnd’s 2 to 6 with crochet symbols.

@Creations, Do you have 9 shells repeating around the yellow rows?


So long as it is not also time-e wime-e stuff. (The Doctor)


Brilliant. Thank you.

Yes I have 9 shells. And I have completed rounds 6 and 7 once now - it’s actually starting to look a bit pineappley.

I put a couple of the “in the middle of the next 9” a stitch out. I lost my logic for a moment and thought I needed to find 4.5 and shoved the centre stitch into a V underneath a > thinking this looked like 4.5 Vs across. However after doing that twice I could see it was slightly off centre and realise I do the centre into the 5th stitch so there are 4 > either side which is symetrical.
I didn’t undo it, it’s a pineapple and nature isn’t fully symmetrical and it is barely noticable. If it was clothing or something special I’d go back but no need on this. And it’s a learning project to use up some yarn and som spare time whilst I wait for my next knitting project yarn to arrive.

About to repeat rounds 6 and 7.

Thanks for your help.

You are doing great Creations, I wish to help you but it is hard for me to explain in words and it is much easier to follow shema of pattern than writen part. At least for me make more sense to see Jacks picks of rows and i know exactly how it will be worked. But that is me :smile: i am crocheting since little girl


Thank you for the encouragement- much appreciated.

Kinda pineappley :pineapple:



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Nominated for a Bob, golden Pineapple.



Hey thanks for the nomination!

Don’t know about gold pineapple but i think this is going to turn into a pink pineapple which little man is thrilled about as pink is his fav colour. I didn’t think about how much yarn i had, I just started making. Typical of me. I have loads of yellow but very little cream.
Well, it adds to the kitsch.

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Definitely a pineapple. Good going!

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