A couple of misc questions

Ok, my brain got lost in the move so please forgive me here. First, do they make 10.5 dpnds? I’m doing my hats in that size and wanted to try them but can’t find them anywhere. And second, how many skeins of each color would I order to do a basic felted bag with WOTA? Thanks!

Yes, they make 10.5 dpns. You may have to order them online, though, if you can’t find them locally. I’ve had lots of problems finding all the right sized needles in stores–even the best LYS.

For the bag, I would check out the pattern, see what the yardage is (or look up the yardage on the yarn called for) and compare that to the yardage of WOTA–which is 110 yds per skein.

Yes, they do make 10.5 DPNs. If you can’t find any locally, try Taraknits. It is owned by our very own Carol_OH. She has a great selection for extremely low prices. There is a link here on one of the pages, but I’m feeling too lazy to find it at the moment.

The question about the WOTA is imossible to answer without knowing what pattern you’re using. If you’re not using a pattern, you’re going to have to make your own best guess. Look at patterns for felted bags to see how much yarn they use for given dimensions, keeping in mind the gauge of the yarn they use, and then do your calculations accordingly. One of the most popular felted bags is the “Booga Bag”.

Good luck!

Ok, I actually found the pattern. The purse they have is two colors but I’m going to do just one. 180 yards of color A and 110 of color B. So 3 skeins of WOTA?

But wait! It’s saying to knit both colors together. (Using one strand of each color cast on 50 sts. Place marker and join. Work in St st for 42 rnds)So, if doing one color should I still use a double strand or go with the single strand and omit the 110 yards of color B???

Use double strands of the same color. If you make it with a single strand, it won’t be ‘substantial’ enough to hold it’s shape after felting.