A Couple Of FOs

I made the white hat for my mother for Christmas, and the blue beanie for her husband. I guess they turned out ok.

they look great! Merry Christmas!

They did turn out great! Good job! Mary Christmas!

Nice! I like how the yarn made the ‘swirly’ stripes…


Merry Christmas Knitting guy! Hey, that white hat looks like the one you have on in your picture… I like it… do you have the pattern?
What yarn did you use for both hats…

Those look fabulous, Mason! :yay:

They look nice, I also like the white one, I love the pattern.
Happy Holidays.

They look lovely. I am sure they will be adored :slight_smile:


Great work, as usual, Mason. I’m sure, also, that they’ll really enjoy the hats.

Are you out of the truck during the holidays?

Faboo. I’m sure they wil be enjoyed and appreciated.

I love the hatsMason,

aspiring knitter,

They both look great.

Thanks, it’s my own pattern such as it is, and I used I Love This Yarn for the white one, and Bernat Softee Chunky Ombre for the blue one.

The pattern for the white hat is on my knitting blog, I just made the body longer for hers to make a full size hat instead of a skullcap type beanie.

I’ll be home at least until the day after Christmas, maybe another day or so beyond that.

I like that white hat a lot. :thumbsup: Maybe my DD would like one. So, now you and your mom can wear matching hats???
Merry Christmas

Fantabulous, Mason :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Great Job!!

Nice knitting! I bet your Mom and her husband were very happy recipients. Merry Christmas-

I bet your mom had a tear or two in her eyes when you gave her that gift. That truely is a gift of love. It’s gorgous Mason!!! She and her hub are very lucky.

Best to you…