A couple of bits of good news

We bought a house!!! It is in the town of Phillipsburg, NJ in the older part. Nice quiet street, one of my daughters will go to free preschool (:thumbsup:) and my oldest will go to school about 2-3 blocks away. And it has a large yard with a pool and a hottub:woohoo:! We should be moving in 6 weeks, I can’t wait!

And then tonight as I was getting the girls to brush their teeth, I heard a hot air balloon (they take off from a restaurant parking lot at the end of our very long street) going over the top of the neighbors house. I thought it was going to crash into the trees for a few minutes. It and another one landed on the grass airstrip (our across the street neighbor has a airplane) and deflated them then left. Here are a couple of pics…

:woot: Woo Hoo! New House! :woot:

Think of all the wonderful things you get to do now! Packing and moving and rearranging and redecorating and moving and unpacking and…

:tap: … oh wait this is supposed to be a cheerful message! :roflhard:

Have fun! Let us know when your sanity returns! Be like Knitting-Guy and get it all done in one day!

Kewl pics too!


Actually we have a pallet full of boxes down in the garage already from when we moved here. :p:rofl: I am not looking forward to the actual packing part but when we are moving, my in laws will be here for over a month!! And that is a good thing cause they kinda planned their visit when we were all hoping to be moving! I am so happy!:yay:

Good in that they’ll help? :??


:woohoo:: in laws : :woohoo:



I was in this same position just a few months back, so I know how you feel.

Congrats on your new home! :yay::yay::yay:

Well…it liiks like you are a mere 3 hours from Baltimore.

:slight_smile: Will I be seeing you at Stitches East this Autumn?


figaro! What a beautiful area!! Congratulations… I wish you and yours a long and prosperous life there :slight_smile:

Yea!!! Congrats on the house!!:cheering::happydance::woot:

It looks like a beautiful area and how cool is it to see those hot air balloons?! They are so pretty!

I am just so relieved to finally have a house that will be ours for years. I will miss the area that we are in for the views, seeing deer walk past our house, a couple of turkeys, groundhogs and then there are the bats and fireflys that I can watch for hours. But this house has a fenced in yard for our dog, its in town so we will have neighbors and it will be ours!!! Yippee!

I’ve lived in relatively solitary situations and now in an apartment block in the city! Diversity can be good and sometimes having neighbours around and having chats and get togethers can be lovely…and clearly you have a beautiful ruralscape there. I get you get your own brand of wildlife there…and just think…you can make a stash and knitting centre all yours…all of YOUR very own…and you own it…whoo hoo :slight_smile:

Are your kids excited? You all may have a few tears but that is just natural.


I don’t anticipate problems for them with the move, the only friends they have are from school and they have only seen them a couple of times since then. And we will be close enough (a 15 minute drive) to this area that if they really want we can still see their friends.

I just told hubby I am going to start packing up all our non essential items which is not that much as most of our stuff is still in boxes!

Congrats on your new home! When are we having a pool party and checking out that hot tub of yours?



:cheering:Congrats Figaro! It did sound as if you had been looking for a while, so this must be quite a relief! And so exciting to finally upacking all the boxes!

Just don’t pack away the knitting!