A couple August KH Statistics

A couple people were throwing out questions on KH stats… figured I had a minute… so I quickly calculated a couple for general information and curiousity. Keep in mind, August still has another 5.5 days, so these numbers will change by month’s end.

Thus far:
~ KH has added 139 new members to the forums in August alone.
~ That means 10.95% of all forum members joined us in August.
~ KH has averaged 5.84 new members per day during the month of August.
~ In the last week, that average has been 7 new members per day.
~ This forum has been active for 295 days. Amy’s login was created Nov 4th. 2004.
~ The average number of new members joining daily, since the forum started in November is 4.3.
~ KellyK has more than twice the number of posts than anyone on this forum… except for Ingrid, who is doing almost as many posts per day as KK does. :slight_smile:

Yeah… I’m a geek… get over it. :roflhard:

:roflhard: Joel, you need a hobby. One that keeps your hands busy. :wink:

Thanks for the stats, Joel…I think that both KK and Ingrid joined after me!!..LOL…either way…talk, talk, talk… :roflhard: :roflhard: …not that there’s anything wrong with that!!
I was telling a friend a while back that we have at least double in member ship since I joined! Growing fast bc it’s a great forum with a wonderful group of people; our leader…Knitting Guru Amy, is the best…what more could knitting freaks…uh…people like us want :wink: ?!

As for me…I am the knitting freak and PROUD OF IT :thumbsup:

:shock: :oops: :roflhard:

I actually felt kinda GUILTY when I passed AMY up! :oops:

Those are some interesting stats, Joel! Thanks!

Here’s another interesting stat:

Rebecca is our newest 1000 post person!

That’s awesome Joel. Great post!!

darn! this means Ingrid passed me!!!1 D’oh! I knew it would happen this week!

:oo: :help: :verysad: :frowning: :oops: :shifty:

[size=2]I’m sorry, Hildie. It wasn’t intentional. I just don’t have a doctoral dissertation to waste all my computer time on. I’ll go back to school and do one if you like. My daughter got hers, maybe I can catch up.[/size]

hey Joel, thanks for noticing…I hadn’t a clue…and I think that I did it on the post I made on this thread earlier…!! Who knew I talked so much…it must be a myth :—

nope don’t be sad Ingrid! It’s all good. Less pressure on me!

I just finished that book “the story of the dog in the nighttime” (or something like that) and the main character did all kinds of calculating numbers to calm himself. So maybe Joel has tapped into some kind of numeric Zen :wink:

Didn’t Rainman do the same thing? :rofling:

Here’s a link to the book


I loved this book

Didn’t Rainman do the same thing? :rofling:[/quote]


Yeah… 3-0-1 Oak Street… yeah…

Definitely… yeaaah.

I LOVED The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime!! That boy was SO brave considering his challenges! It was really interesting because several coworkers read it at the same time, and everyone had a different take. Including some who felt SORRY for the parents because of what their son did to their lives! :rollseyes:

Just an update…

As of the end of yesterday, August 30… we have averaged 5.8 new members per day… for the month of August. That’s the equivalent of over 2100 new members a year!

Thanks Joel! These are great!

I’ve got some more statistics for y’all, I’ll share them soon. :smiley: