A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts closing 5 to 7 percent of its 139 stores

AOL Money and Finance reports that A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts, Citing the current tough retail environment, said it was closing 5 to 7 percent of its 139 stores and will rein in plans to expand.

You might want to keep an eye out on your local A.C. Moore store to see if there are any going out of business sales. In my area they seem to have a better selection of knitting supplies and yarn than Joann’s and Michael’s and would be missed.

Oh My! they just opened a store in Towson, not far from me. I wonder if that puts the White Marsh store in jeopardy. I could stand loosing one of them, but not both!

I’m going to be in BelAir Nov 18-21. Are there any near there that you know of?

That’s only about 7-10 stores, so not really a drastic downsize.

Nevermind. I just did a store locator and the closest ones are White Marsh and Towson.

I will have a car and my grandsons will be in school during the day so I just might run down to White Marsh. Maybe even take my DIL along! Or not.

I work in the Bel Air Toys R Us and the only crafting stores close to there are Michael’s and JoAnns in Marketplace Drive, it’s one shopping center so you could go to both and not even have to drive that far!

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It’s great to see so many Marylanders on this site! Go team!

I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and am closest to Dover, Delaware for any “serious” shopping. The AC Moore there is usually pretty well stocked, but they’ve got a JoAnne’s right in the same shopping center and a Michaels just a few miles down the road. I REALLY hope Dover’s not one they’re chopping. Next closest to me is, I think, Glen Burnie which is quite a step down the road, and across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Why do they do this stuff? There are so many dedicated knitters, crocheters and crafters out here, it makes you wonder what they’re thinking!!!

At any rate, I’ll keep checking their web site (they almost always have great coupons available on there and Michaels and, I think, JoAnne’s too will honor AC Moore discounts, and vice versa.

Thanks for posting this.

Happy knitting, :knitting:

I’m in central MD- we’ve got Joann’s, Michaels, ACMoore and several LYS - yeah!!! However, I would be sad to see the ACMoore go as it is one of my fav’s. Their yarn selection isn’t what it once was, but they still have yarns that the other stores don’t have. I also like their other sections and can spend hours in the store - I find it cleaner and better stocked then the other ‘craft’ stores in our area. The LYS’s in our area are great - but they stock the upper crust of yarn and I can only afford to go their for a skein or two from time to time.

I was in Michael’s the other day and they did have a sign on the counter that they would honor other’s coupons.

If they are closing stores - I wish they would just post which ones.

I use to go to the AC Moore in Rockville. We don’t have them here in San Antonio, TX.

I had planned on going to the Michaels and JoAnns on Marketplace when I am there.

Michaels is in Marketplace, the new AC Moore is in the shopping center just across the street (Shoppers & Staples is there, used to be a Chuckie Cheese…I think AC More might be in the Chuckie Cheese space). JoAnn’s is down Joppa Rd 4-5 miles in Perring Plaza.