A bunch of FOs

75 Yard Malabrigo Mitts

Ridiculously Easy Mary Jane Slippers

Snowflake Hat

Felicity Hat

Alpaca Mitts

Tapestry Scarf

Manos Amanda Hat

Pumpkin (thank you Jan :slight_smile: )

Okay…now I think I’m caught up with sharing my FOs…:teehee:

They all look fabulous! I just love your snowflake hat! And of course the pumpkin! :teehee:

Well done!

Haven’t you been busy!:teehee:

They’re all great projects!

Whoa! you a knittin fool!!! Like the hats and the malabrigo and the manos. :thumbsup:

:yay: You have been busy!! Everything looks great!

Nice work! I really like the snowflake hat and tapestry scarf!

Everything looks great. You have been very busy.

Great work! That snowflake hat is great :thumbsup:

Those are all beautiful but I do love that snowflake hat. You really have been busy! :happydance:

All of your FO look great. My you have been busy.

Bunch of nice stuff. My favorite is the Felicity Hat.

It all looks great. I especially love the snowflake hat!

Criminy! You’ve been busy!!! I just love all of them! Way to go, and thanks for posting all the great photos!!!