A BIG thank you to my secret pal!

I’ve been away for a week, visiting my parents in San Antonio (and seeing George Strait in concert) and I got an email from my secret pal saying I had a package on the way! Well of course it arrived early this week and I just arrived home today! The suspense was just too much so I had my hubby open it up and tell me what was in it! I asked him how the yarn looked and he says “uhm like yarn?” Sheesh…such a guy (sorry to the males that DO knitt, my hubby doesn’t share that interest).

So I got home today and I took some pictures (please excuse the quality, this camera is more for video than camera).

I’m so excited, I can’t wait to start knitting with my new hand dyed yarn! When this is all over I’d LOVE to know how my secret pal did it! THANK YOU SECRET PAL! Now I must get on the ball and pick out something neat for MY secret pal! :slight_smile:

I already can’t wait until next month!


Pretty!!! :inlove:

YUMMY Yarn porn =D That looks lovely =D

oh that’s preeeeeeeeeeeetty!

Nice! I can’t wait to receive my package!

:inlove: very pretty!! :thumbsup:

:cheering: :cheering: YUMMILICIOUS :cheering: :cheering: You have a great pal :thumbsup: LOL, I’m the same way, can’t wait to receive mine, either…time to start stalking the mailman…it’s June :thumbsup:

:heart: Preeeeeeety

Isn’t George Strait amazing in concert. I seen him in 97 when he was in Michigan. I thought it was the best sounding concert I have been too, usually the artist ends up sounding worse live. He was with Terri Clark on that tour.
Although I must admit Tim McGraw is a close second :slight_smile:

OOoooo - how yummy!! :drooling:

Thats cool and all, but boy do I feel out of the loop. :?? what’s a secret pal?

Yum! Nice looking yarn.

Humble…some of the gals on the forum are doing a secret pal exchange…names are drawn and you send your pal stuff “in secret”…you don’t know the name until the end.