A beginner's silly problem

I am unable to knit past the first row because I get a lot of extra yarn between the needles by the end of it. Whenever I try to start the next row, the extra yarn goops everything up. I figure that I’m just not knitting the stitches tight enough, but I can’t knit any tighter and keep stitches where they should be/moving when they should be.

Could someone give me some tips, or tell me if something else is wrong? My only resource for learning has been websites, so maybe I’m learning incorrectly or something.


When you cast on, how far apart are the loops on the needle? Maybe you have extra yarn from a super-loose cast on. I found that I have better luck casting on using two needles held together (or on one needle a few sizes larger than what I’m knitting with) and keeping the loops right next to each other on the needle.

Similarly, how far down the needle are you working the stitches in your first row? Maybe you don’t need to work tighter, just closer together- not so close that you’re actually working on the slanted tip, but not to far away, either.

Are you just knitting, or are you purling, too? That might change things…

Can you take a picture? That might help. :slight_smile: Of course, one of the wise modly mods :notworthy: will probably be along to sort you out shortly. :wink:

Thank you for responding!

I wasn’t aware that this site had something other than just a forum on it (I found it by searching for “Knitting forum”), so when I figured that out, I looked around and watched some videos. Apparently the websites I was using were either telling me incorrectly, or I wasn’t understanding them, so I was indeed casting on wrongly. I’ve got it all sorted out now, though. Thanks again!

(I guess this thread can be deleted? Sorry!)

NO DELETING! you are officially a member of our happy little home now and the post stays forevah! :wink:

I was the other way around…I didn’t know there was a forum here for two weeks! I just reviewing the different technique videos and one day ventured out of there into here. Hope you stay around.

Aww, you guys are nice, heh. I’m sure I’ll run into more problems and so will have more questions to ask. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Leaving the topic helps more people. :thumbsup:

Same for me. I became aware of this site more than a year ago, when I started knitting after many years of not doing it for a while. Other groups and forums mentioned the how-tos here, but I pretty much know how to do most stuff, at least the basics. It was only about 3 weeks ago, I really looked at the buttons on the top of the page and went to explore the forum and met all these nice people.


Isn’t it gret how you can feel like you know people just from a forum like this?! I assume that anyone who knits is a great person, so if there are any knitting serial killers out there don’t tell me! Seriously, this forum is GREAT, and so very helpful. It’s incredible how many people have had the same questions I have. Keeps me from feeling so ignorant about all this. Keep up the great work. :cheering: :happydance: :muah: