A beginner

Okay, so I use to knit for a charity that took small squares, sewed them together and made then into big blanket type things for patients during chemotherapy with my grandmother, who had taught my just the bare minimum and helped me pretty much constantly.

That was a few years ago and I am looking for something to do during my nights, as I am going to be a full-time co-op student at a vet clinic and will be stage managing a pretty big musical and directing a festival piece. All of this leaves me pretty stressed out and I remember how clear my mind was when I use to knit.

SO. This is your chance to mold a young mind the correct way. Teach me everything you know! … or just the basics :teehee:

Let’s go on the assumtion that I own nothing and know nothing whatsoever.
What do I need and what sorts of projects would be easy and fast? I know my mother would love some dishcloths… :wink:

Thank you

Welcome to Knitting Help!

Let’s see, for a true beginner here’s my recommendations -

Knitting needles - preferably about a size 8 US
Yarn - smooth, light colored, worsted weight (4) …that means no fuzzy or novelty yarn and if you are going to make dishcloths use cotton.
Tutorials - video link at the tab on the top of the page

Patterns - here’s a bunch of dishcloths http://www.groupepp.com/dishbout/kpatterns/javaindex.html

I also like these -



I like your way of thinking! Welcome back to knitting.

What you need:
after you get the material, make a test piece (that you can rip out afterwards, if you want).

what way did you knit before? Yarn held on your left hand (Continetal style), or on your right (English style or throwing)? Do you want to stick with it? then do.
The videos here are mostly given in 2 options so make you life easy and take the right videos.

practice a cast on (for example long tail or cable).
practice the knit stitch and the purl stitch.
practice a cast off.

then you are good to go.

dish cloth are a great way to start, they are small, quick and useful. They do not have to fit you, they can be outrageously colorful or really plain. Freedom, I guess!

Every project will demand something else anyways. A nice combination of stitches, increases and decreases… that will come with time. Once you know something you can just keep practicing until you are perfect, or chose a next pattern to push the boundries.

so when you chose a pattern, read it through carefully and try to understand all terms. For most things you can look up the videos here.

If you get stuck, just ask here. We are many, we are quick and there is a lot of knowledge here :slight_smile:

Since you want to knit, we will get your needles clicking.

If you feel secure with your basic K and P stitches, and casting on and binding off you might want to move on to say, a ribbed scarf. Something that doesn’t require charts/ a lot of counting/complicated stitches, etc. However if you still feel you need more time with the casting on, and binding off, dishtowels seem like an excellent choice to me. Repetition is the magical word!

I see you live in Canada… You’re going to get so good at this that all your friends and family will be signing up to get your next finished project! Keeping everyone cozy warm!:woot: Happy Knitting! Jeanie