A Beginner Cardigan Knit-Along!

Hi everyone!
I thought I’d say howdy and let you guys know about a knit-along!

I’m a beginner and met Gail, an experienced knitter through Ravelry. We decided to do a knit-along on our blogs.

Anyway, we are going to be knitting the Miette cardigan.
It’s cute, and free too!

You can see our intro blog posts here:

Gail is going to be doing lots of helpful walking-through for beginners!

Hope this doesn’t come off as self promotional, but basically, I want as many people as possible to join, the more the merrier right? Gail is going to be putting plenty of work into her posts and I want as many people as possible to benefit :slight_smile:

I just love the online community there is around sewing and knitting/crochet, it’s so supportive and nice :slight_smile: And also knittinghelp is a great resource for learning, I’ve benefitted from it a lot! If you think you’d like to knit along, do join us!

Well, we’re into the knit-along! We have a bunch of people joining in, so it’s really great! Gail has been doing tonnes of informative posts, and I’ve been putting up my newbie’s perspective, and what I’ve learned, so I really think anyone wanting to make their first cardigan will find loads of info and help :slight_smile:
There is still time to join, as the time-frame is super loose, and people are at lots of different speeds and stages of progress.

If I can do it, being as green as I am, anyone can! It’s really exciting :slight_smile:

You can see the posts here: http://gksagenda.blogspot.co.nz/search/label/miette%20knitalong


This sounds like so much fum, however, I see you posted it in April, are yawl done with the project yet :-)) I am relative new as well. I am so very glad I found this website. The knitting community is by far the best online groups I have been involed with.

I would LOVE to join the knitt-along. Please let me know where you are in the stage of knitting the cardigan. Thank you. If too late, maybe I can join your next one!!

Okay I spoke too soon. I just looked at the pattern and am not sure how it can be a begginer’s pattern?? I mean WOW yikes! If that is beginner then I am in serious trouble. It is very beautifiul, please let me know how you are doing on it. Thanks for posting this too. :teehee:

It looks like a clear pattern with a list of abbreviations at the end and good schematics. I wouldn’t be put off by the initial directions for the yoke. They look complicated but are actually just stitch by stitch instructions for the eyelet pattern at the neck. The blogs look helpful too and if you have questions, you know where you can always ask!

I started it, and am a beginner. I am on row 36. So far, so good.

Hi everyone!
I’m happy to hear some of you started yours!
And if you have any questions, visit either of our blogs, or get in touch. We love to help!

Here is the finished cardigan!

I’m happy and proud!
And as a beginner, I know that any other beginner can do it, since I managed it! You can do it, don’t be afraid!

You can see more photos and information here at the blog post I made about the finished cardigan :slight_smile:

Yay knitting!!

Well done! The sweater looks amazing. Your encouragement is much appreciated.

That’s really pretty! :thumbsup:

I am very interested in trying this though I am sure everyone is thru with their projects. I too am a beginner but always looking to try new patterns and projects to help me learn new things here and there. One question though: Do I join Flickr to see the pattern and helpful blog posts or is there another website? I tried clicking on the links in your original post but they brought me to a page that said it no longer exists. Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Welcome to Knitting Help!
The pattern for the Miette cardigan is available on Ravelry. The original poster may see your question here or perhaps you could make contact through her blog. The links to the knit-along do appear to have moved or been closed.

Thank u for the info Salmonmac. I checked out the blogs and also saw that they were either moved or closed. I would love to participate in a knit-along so hopefully another will come up soon.

Very adorable! You did a wonderful job!! It’s a really cute design!

Oops! I fixed the links, I had put them up wrong like a dummy :slight_smile: All good now. Hopefully you can find all the info on the blogs now. We would love to offer advice and stuff even if the knitalong is technically finished. We still have a few participants that are still working on theirs too :slight_smile: