A Beagle's Love For Yarn

My darling dog sees me knitting all the time. Little did I know, he too possesses the same undying love for yarn that I do. I just had to share it with other passionate knitters! :teehee:

The full story (& pictures) are on my brand new blog if you’d like to see!


:rofl: aww what a cutie!!!

too cute!! that dog is soo sweet! i wish i had a dog like that…hmmpf

Your blog is HILARIOUS!!! I too hate cooking and love the invention of the microwave!! I bow down the lean cuisine. How i love thee!!

I have heard that beagles have strong personalities! Sounds like yours has plenty with some to spare…

Your blog is great, I have added it to Google Reader (that list is getting bigger every day)

My dog always has to sniff my yarn, but really seems to go nuts over the 100% wool stuff… Don’t know why!

Aww, what a cutie. We used to have beagles. They are so cute!

I can say the same about my dog! He likes to sleep on acrylics, but he’ll nibble on wool if he’s feeling peckish. Needless to say, I guard my stash with my life!

Your doggie is adorable!!

What an adorable puppy! I love the blog by the way. Just wasted too much time reading the whole darn thing. You sound a lot like me 5 years ago. Then I got married and for some reason the DH thinks I am going to cook and go to the grocery store ( I loathe them as well). Nope. He can go if he wants food. :roflhard:

Hi Jade! I visited your blog! - good tactic to promise cute pooch pictures in order to garner visits :slight_smile: I enjoyed reading and will check back regularly. Love the pup!

Cuuuuute, my Peanut’s the same way:

That picture is PRICELESS! Thanks for sharing!

I’m innocent, I swear! This thread was in no way meant to advertise my blog. I was having issues reformatting my photos to fit KH’s size requirements. I have several yarn, WIP, and FO photos I’d like to share on this site, but I will have to wait until I figure out how to properly resize them.

Awww! I was just picking at you :slight_smile: I really did enjoy your blog! And, the pictures were totally worth the visit :slight_smile:

Hey, those Peanut pictures are adorable too!