8 inch circular knitting needles

Does one know where I can purchase 8 inch circular knitting needles? Please help I have looked everywhere. :??

I didn’t even know anyone made 8 inch ones. The smallest I’ve ever seen is 16.

Could you use DPNs?

Sorry, I purchased mine at a local yarn shop and they don’t have an online ordering system yet. Have you tried any LYS yet? They might be able to special order one if you have the need.

somebody did make them but they were essentially kind of a stretchy circ if i remember right. i just can’t remember off the top of my head who it is… :??

I did a search and found these;
Clover bamboo 8 in circs

Takumi made some kind of all plastic one. Don’t think I’d ever use one smaller than a 16", though.

only clover carried them …you can do a search on google…they only have certain sizes …i got a couple and they are new … what size r u looking at ?

Your local Michaels store has the Clover® Takumi bamboo circular needles in the following sizes:

16 - inch needles: Size 8, 10, 11, 13, 15

29 - inch needles: Size 6, 8, 9, 10 ½, 11, 13, 15

36 - inch needles: Size 10, 11, 13

Addi Turbo makes 12 inch circs…and they are very difficult to work with. I found it hard to purl and decrease with them.

I have a pair, don’t know what I did with them actually. They were really uncomfortable for me to use.

I can’t even imagine! Smallest I’ve used is a 16", and at times it seemed like I was wrestling during certain maneuvers. What does one make w/8" circs, and um … how??

I think it would probably be easier to use either Magic Loop (as I would do) or DPNs, since 8" circs are hard to find and hurt anyway.

the link jan posted above to purl soho is the only place i found them when i was looking and oddly the pattern that called for them was written by the store owner. :wink: I wrote her and asked if i could just use DPNs and she said sure and I did and everything was happy. I can’t imagine working with them that small either, I would go with 2-circ, magic loop, etc.

I could swear that Kempy had stretchy circs for sale on Stitch Diva, but I can’t find them now.

The smallest I’ve used is 12 inch, and it really was a pain. The needle tips were too long and the yarn didn’t slide verysmoothly (these were addis, so I can only think it was the length that caused the problem).

if i’m not mistaken, those stretchy circs are only available in sock sizes anyway, maybe just even only 2?

the tiny circ ones are SO cool
I do not find them painful to use
when I use magic loop or 2 circs sometimes the needle tips are WAY to big to use comfortably
I use them to make wristers, and the cuffs of my sweater (that I just finished and posted pics about [size=1]<— see shameless PLUG[/size]
I really like them
I just wish they came in more sizes


I believe my tiny circs are Addis. I forgot to look. Funny, I purchased them specifically for a pattern, never made it and can’t for the life of me remember what pattern it was. So, if I can find the needles, I might be willing to sell/trade/give them to you.

try this site this is where i get mine only one size,but its ok. try halcyonyarn.com. go to kn itting needles and its on the bottom of page.theyre 8 inch small circulars. i really enjoy starting small objects with these have no problems working with these at all. good luck.

Addi makes 8" circular needles in sizes 0-5
I have them and use them to make baby sleeves or mainly for socks… I love them.


Just found 8" and 9" circular needles at Patternworks web site. Addi, HiyaHiya and KA Bamboo are available. Love these things for socks and mittens, (have 4 small grandchildren who spend the winter losing mittens faster than I can make them). Hope this helps…