8-inch circs?

I have a pattern for wrist warmers out of the LMKG book that calls for 8" circulars. I have never seen any that small and have called around and no one carries them that small. Has anyone heard of circs that small? Also, wouldn’t it be just as easy to use dpn’s? I think they’re calling for 8" circs because it’s a ribbed pattern and ribbed patterns can get a little stretched on dpn’s. Anyway, just wanted your opinions or advice! Thanks!

The smallest size of circs I’ve ever heard of are 16". :?? How about trying to use two circulars? :thinking: Or else I would use several dpns… at least 4-6 working needles for a length like that.

I bet it’s calling for size 8 needles (circular) and maybe listed it incorrectly.

I have 8" circs…ordered them when I was PETRIFIED of dpns last year & thought there had to be a better way to knit socks…LOL! THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO KNIT WITH!!! Very, very tiny…you can see and/or order them here, bottom of the page :thumbsup:
I use dpns for all of my fingerless gloves & am going to give using 2 circs a go with the next ones :wink:

the site that rebecca posted has the cheapest small circs that I have found! :thumbsup:

I plan on making the same wrist warmers and ordered the 8 inch circulars in size 6 from Halcyon Yarn, but they are backordered. I can wait since the wristwarmers were for me and I have plenty to do before Christmas.

I emailed this vendor and they do have them in stock in that size.


i don’t know i think that seems ridiculous. i prefer to use DPNs only for finishing off hats but seriously…if you think about it, the points on most circs are about 4 inches or so. in order for it to be flexible enough for you to knit with it the points would have to be about 2 inches each with 4 inches of flex…

i would use the DPNs to save your sanity!

I have a hard time sometimes purling with the 16" circulars. I much prefer the dpn’s when I can use them for something little. I also haven’t had much trouble with the ribbing on dpn’s.


No… the pattern reads: “NEEDLES, Two 8” Circular needles size US 6"

At first you cast on to one circ. needle and work in the round until you get to the thumb opening, then you use the other circ. needle to work back and forth. It says you need the circular needles to accomodate the curve of the fabric tube you have been working so far.

So… do I really have to go out and find 8" circs for this project?

you could give this pattern a look :wink: I LOVE IT, use it exclusively :thumbsup:

okay, be sure to post if you like using them!!

I like the idea of the custom fingerless gloves, but these are a gift and I have no way of measuring the person’s hand. :frowning:

I have some 12" addis and they are very hard to work with. Knitting is ok, but purling is unheard of. I can’t see 8" being any better. The tips are quite small and my hand gets cramped trying to hold them. I would say use DPNs.

I agree that dpns are the way to go. I have a hard time working with any circs smaller than 16", especially purling. It just won’t happen, and I’ve worried about snapping the cable. It might work if the cable is uber-flexible, but even then there’s hardly any length to give you good range of motion. Oooh, unless the cable is stretchy…that would be nice! :inlove:

I’d like to see a video of someone actually USING an 8" circ! Maybe there’s a trick to it or something.

And, I’ve never had problems with stretched ribbing on dpns; the ribbing on my socks looks normal.

Rebecca, those fingerless mitts are gorgeous–thanks for the link! Now I know what my next project for me is! (Alongside the fabolicious socks, of course!)

I’ve been eyeing that same pattern and hoping to make myself a pair after Christmas (I really really like the pattern; I think they are very elegant looking, and different from most wrist warmers or fingerless mitts/gloves that I have seen) . I think I’m going to try it with DPNs. If you check out the website for the LYS run by the author of LMKG (purlsoho.com), you will discover that her store is one of the few places that sells 8" circs. So she stands to gain by promoting the circs over the DPNs…

DPNs or you could do magic loop with one LONG circ. I wouldn’t bother with 8" cirs…too difficult and you’ll never need them for anything else!