50% off sock yarn at Michaels Canada

For anyone who hasn’t noticed, Michaels in Canada has Patons Kroy sock yarn on for $2.74 a ball. Great price for a beginner to try out. They will give a rain check if it is out of stock.

Has anybody used this yarn? I have tried knitting with it and it seems good but I wonder how it washes. That is the cheapest I have ever seen sock yarn.

even needles small enough for sock yarn.


I had heard that it only in Canada. Strange but it makes a change. Often stuff is only available in U.S.

Yeah, none of the Michael’s, Joann’s, or A. C. Moore around here carry any kind of sock yarn.

So far I’ve found the least expensive sock yarn at Knitpicks. I just ordered 4 skeins at $1.99 a 50g skein.

Thanks for the heads up! The Michaels here in Victoria has a pretty bleak selection, but I know for a fact they carry the Patons Kroy wool. Do you know how long the sale will last?

I believe it ends on Friday (Jan 11).