50% off @ Joanns

50% off at Joanns!!!

online code~~~ SEPEJ650
store coupon

Thanks Carmell!

If anyone doesn’t have a swift already, there’s the code to use! The wooden umbrella swifts that Joann sells are great – and I got mine with a 50% code for $37 shipped. :smiley:

Great of you to pass this on! Thank you!

I have the same swift, Julie! I :heart: mine mucho much, too!

hmmmmm. . . . DH will be out of state at a NASCAR race during the dates this coupon is valid. HMMMMMMMM. . . . . .

I see great shopping in my future!!!

THANKS!!! :muah:

Oh, My! Thank you. I can justify so much more at 50% off and I do need a swift but couldn’t rationalize the price.

I’m not sure if know about this is a good thing or a bad thing for me but THANK YOU!

Thank you for sharing … :cheering: