50% off Joann's online code

Just got in my inbox today, use APRE650 at check out for 50% off one item online at www.joann.com

looks like a good day for buyin’ a swift to me! :wink:


I’d been waiting for this (got it in my e-mail today too) because I have a $32 merch credit that my mom gave to me. But you can’t use merch credits online :wall:

Oooh! Oh I love you. Now, if DH will okay me spending like $70 … I can have a ball winder and a swift!

Anyone know which ball winder I should get? I saw two there, one was $10 cheaper.

Free Shipping on $25+ order.
Discount Coupon Code: APRFSA625 Exp. 4/30/06

The only regret is they do not combine promos. You can use only one or the other.

yeah they always have all sorts of codes out there. just have to try them both after you fill your cart and see which one is a better deal!

can’t use a code more than once either!

pssssssssst…place two separate orders with two different codes and you can get them BOTH half price! :wink:

i think the Royal winder is the one most of us have…i love mine!

here ya go…

APRA650 and APRE650 are BOTH 50% off. Two separate orders with two different codes! :thumbsup:

just make sure the shipping charges on two separate orders don’t equal more than what you would save on that second one.

APRH650 EXP 5/3/06 11:59 pm PT for 50% off the regular price of one item

I have an email I can forward to anyone w/ instore coupons for this weekend
50% Friday and Saturday only and 40% off the rest of the week.

ETA: the 40%

Ohhhhh! Now I can go shopping! :smiley:

I’ve been waiting for like forEVER for a 50% coupon so I can get a ball winder… Now, the dadburnit things are on sale so I can’t use the coupon! :evil:
I’ll just HAVE to scan around and see what else I can buy… :lol:

I think they do this on purpose :frowning:

waaaaaaaaait yes you can! they just take it off the regular price instead of the sale price! everything i have ever used a coupon for has been “on sale”…you can do it!!!

Aww, wish I had a CC!

Yay! My faith in justice to all mankind is renewed!!!
And I saved 43 clams!
I bought yarn :oops:
I would have saved much more had I not done that…
But still!!!
Thanks for clueing me in!