50/50 wool alpaca blend?

More hand holding needed. I have some of this yarn. It’s Elsebeth Lavold’s Classic AL and I was wondering about it. Is it wearable? I mean am I going to be in pills after 30 minutes? It’s alpaca and merino wool if that makes a difference. Can you teach me about alpaca yarn?
thanks a bunch,

Well, I haven’t knitted with that particular yarn, but I know alpaca is super-soft and warm. Of course, a lot of super-soft yarns tend to pill badly, so I’d make a little test swatch and play with it to see what happens.

Did you give up the MMM to Ingrid for some alpaca/wool? I will have to get some for myself then !

The sweater I’m knitting now is from Stockbridge from Webs. It’s an alpaca/wool blend, and though I haven’t worn it [size=2]since it’s not done[/size], it doesn’t strike me as something that will pill. Just a guess, though. It is nice and soft, but not fuzzy soft, if you know what I mean.

Thanks to all of you. I have this yarn to make some of the Wonderful Wallabys for the grandtwins. Glad to hear it’s warm.

Alpaca wool will be perfect for such a thing. I have used it and it is super soft and warm!