Merry Christmas Everyone. I am in the process of making the 5 STAR BEANIE by Yarnspirations and having trouble with a traveling seam and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’m following the tutorial,


but he doesn’t address this problem. Could someone please, please, please help me? Thank you so much in advance. A solution to this problem just MIGHT keep me out of the loony bin!!!


Maybe the local crochet crowd can help @OffJumpsJack @okckwilter

Here’s a link to the written pattern

Can you post a photo of the seam or describe what’s going wrong with it?


Ok, I thought I deleted this post because on the video Mikey finally says that the seam does veer off to the right (I’m a leftie so mine veers to the left) but it is not that noticeable. I also found another video for another - “Starr” stitch messy bun beanie (and hat) by [Stitch Upon A Starr which show how to make a star stitch straight, almost invisible seam. I’m going to try that one after I finish this one. Thanks for your response!


That’s good research on your part. Thanks for posting the video. You never know when it will help someone with a pattern or a question.


PA Pat, I spotted the loose seam in the video. I would recommend one less SC per round. That makes the last star sts connect to the first SC in the round. Join (the top) with a slip sts and this will close that gap in the seam and will also help stagger the Stars so their pattern will be more balanced.

I will now look at that second video to see how they address it.


When knitting or crocheting in the round, you normally have that wonky seam going off diagonally to the left when you slip stitch to join and chain. They say it’s not that noticeable. But to me, it’s like an elephant in the middle of the room that all the party guests are pretending is not there. Ugly, ugly, ugly and I’m sorry but I won’t wear it! I wish I could remember where I learned this on Youtube, but my memory escapes me.
Knitting/crocheting in the round does not line up. It spirals. Think of a candy cane or a barbers pole. This is why the seam travels. What I do is slip stitch the first row and chain up. On all the following rows, slip stitch and chain up, skip the first stitch, then work around. Now work the stitch that you skipped, in double crochet or whatever you are using. Slip stitch to join in the next stitch. Count your stitches to make sure you didn’t miss crocheting into any of the spaces at the end. Otherwise, you might do an unintentional decrease and make the hat smaller. Keep repeating the chain one skip one technique. You will still have that jog but you will see it on the inside of the hat. Your rows will line up perfectly. This is especially nice for striped hats. Rather than the barber pole effect with the wonky jog, it will be more like a bullseye target type thing lined up. If I can find it, I will post the link. In the star pattern, it’s a little different. I would try skipping that entire space and coming back to do both stitches in the missed space at the end of the row, or only do one HD crochet then the second one at the end. See which looks better.


Here’s pics of it. Skip one stitch. At end of row work the skipped stitch. Slip stitch to join. Chain.