5 Hour Baby Sweater - Sleeves

I feel like I’m missing something so very obvious as I can’t find anywhere that someone is asking about this.

I’m doing the bevs country cottage version of the sweater (I’d link but since I’m new, it won’t let me yet). Below is the section I’m having trouble with:

[B]Row 32: K21, place on holder, K 23 sleeve st and keep on needle, place rest of stitches on holders – 39 for back, 23 for other sleeve, 21 for other front.
(remove markers as you place sts on holders.)

Sleeve (make sure you get the sleeve and don’t knit the front)
Rows 1-16 : work in stockinette st
Row 17: K2tog *P1, K1, P1, K2tog. Repeat from * (17 sts).
Rows 18-22: Work K1 P1 rib. [/B]

Row 17 of the sleeve is supposed to bring the stitch count from 23 down to 17. However, following the pattern above, I get 18, not 17. Is the pattern wrong or am I screwing something up? Does it even matter??? :slight_smile:

The count doesn’t work for me either. But the problem is with the start count of 23 stitches.

k2tog=2st becomes 1
p,k,p, k2tog=5st becomes 4
p,k,p, k2tog=5st becomes 4
p,k,p, k2tog=5st becomes 4
p,k,p, k2tog=5st becomes 4

I get an end count of 17 stitches. But a start count of 22. So I’m off by one stitch as well.

Do these edges get seamed together? If so, I wouldn’t worry about having an extra knit stitch at the edge. Just as long as you work the ribbing in pattern.

Yes, they get seamed so I was thinking it wouldn’t matter too much. But it was really bugging me, thinking I was messing something up. lol And it’s weird that with all the talk about this pattern I see everywhere that I wouldn’t have found a thread here or elsewhere asking about this. Or maybe my search skills just suck??

Thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy. :wink: