4 year old hat

So when a hat chart says a hight of 7 inches, is that from crown to brim?
In that case when do I stop increasing and start decreasing?

Most likely that is from brim to the start of decreases, but that’s too tall for a child. What pattern are you doing? Please post a link if possible.

Here’s a hat calculator that you can maybe help figure this out, too.

It’s just a 1x1 rib with 4 weight yarn.

Okay, that looks good. Your chart says when to stop increasing, but your knitting bottom up right? So you’d be decreasing. So your question is how far do you knit before you start decreasing? I’d say about 5-6". If it’s a little big it’ll just be a slouchy hat or you can roll up the brim. Better too long than too short no?

Sounds good! Thank you ! I already messed one hat up! Haha

You’re welcome! If you get to 5" and it seems like it’s a little too short go to 6" etc. I measure with my hand since I know how long it is, but I usually only make adult hats so kind of guessing based on my experience. :slight_smile: