4 Ply pattern using DK wool?

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening. I have a load of DK wool and a load of 4 ply patterns, can anyone tell me how I would knit a 4 ply pattern using DK wool. :shrug: I don’t know if it can be done but I believe I would have to change the size of needles I use. I have a grandchild due in June and have a lot of knitting to do. :cheering: I would also like to get some baby layette patterns using DK wool but can’t find any :doh: So many questions so little time. Thanks.

Well, the easiest thing would be to get some similar patterns for DK wool, there are tonnes of free patterns online.

If you want to modify, here’s how I’d start: make a schematic for your item (if none is provided by the pattern, you will have to count the number of stitches and rows, and calculate what measurements the pattern gauge would give).

The swatch with your replacement wool with different needle sizes until you get a fabric that is just the right combination of warmth yet still flexible. Then figure out how many rows and stitches will give the required dimensions.

I suspect baby patterns in DK wool may be difficult to find, that’s because most people think it’s not their first choice for baby clothes. If you want to knit for baby with baby wool but also don’t want to waste your wool, maybe you could swap with someone?


ann norling has several patterns that are written for many gauges. i’m getting ready to start infant set II, which is only in one gauge, if i’m not mistaken, but i have 2 of her blanket patterns that are written for about 6. the patterns tell you how many stitches to CO based on the sts/inch, which pattern to follow, etc. it’s a nice feature when you’re trying to bust some stash but have specific projects in mind. i’m sure there are other patterns out there like that too.