4-ply baby cardigan


My daughter is expecting her first baby in February and she’d like me to knit a V-neck cardigan. I have some 4-ply wool in a nice green colour she likes. Does anyone have a pattern for a baby’s cardigan in 4-ply?
Does anyone know if there are any differences in knitting needle sizes between the UK & the US - I notice that a lot of patterns on this site say ‘US size 8 needles’ or somesuch. I have lots of UK needles…

Very many thanks in advance

Joan (Scotland)

Yes, there are differences in needle sizes. Here’s a chart so you can figure it out.

This is a standards for yarn that will help you figure out what yarn you have. 4 ply doesn’t really help. We need the yarn weight (worsted, DK, etc).

Now, not knowing what weight your yarn is here are a few patterns that have v-necks.


I think that 4-ply is sport weight in US. Just make a gauge swatch and when you’ll know how many sts on a certain needle size you have, you’ll be able to adjust the pattern.

I think UK 4ply is finer than the US sport weight. Does sport weight work to gauge of around 22 stitches? If so, sport weight is probably equivalent to UK Double Knit.

Perhaps 4ply is more like US fingering weight?

And therein lies the problem… no one knows for sure what weight it is so it’s hard to help you with a pattern. :teehee:

4ply is fingering weight.

Not always. That’s the problem. :wink:

This is an old thread so most likely she’s solved her problem by now anyway.