#4 Dog sweater from Patons Another Dog's Life


So I’m new to Knitting Help, and knitting in general. I decided to jump right into an intermediate pattern, and just see how it goes. And now I am a little lost.

I’m working on a dog sweater and I’ve gotten to the leg opening part. I’ve casted off the stitches for the leg opening and knit to the end of the row. Now it says to work 2.5 inchesin stocking st from the cast offs ending with the RS facing for the next row. I’m assuming that I just pick up the stitches from the cast off and knit a flat piece off the opening for 2.5 inches. I’m wondering how to start picking up the stitches, I watched the video on this site, however in the video, the orange thread was already attached to the work. What do I do to attach it?

Next It says to knit the joining row, is that just a continuation from the row with the leg opening cast offs, or is this an entire different row taht will later be attached?

The pattern is #4 in the Patons another dog’s life book. I don’t know if that helps

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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I actually get the impession that you just keep knitting straight after the cast offs for the 2 1/2 inches. It’s hard to tell from your description or maybe I’m just being dense today. Is it knit flat? Unless the pattern specifically tells you to pick up and knit around the leg opening, I don’t think that’s what you should do.

When it says to knit the joining row, are you at that point supposed to start knitting in the round?

Is there a picture that we could look at of the finished product?

THanks for your help so far,

I think you may be right

Here is what the directions say

Leg Opening: 1st row - (RS) K11, cast off 10, K 80, cast off 10. Knit to end

Note: all leg sections are worked at same time with seperate yarn

Beg with Purl row, work 2.5" in stocking st from cast off sts, ending with RS facing for next row.

Joining row: K11, Turn and cast on 10, Turn and K80, Turn and cast on 10, Turn and Knit to end

Cont even until work after neck ribbing measures 12 inces. Place a marker at each end of last row.

Later on it says to pick up and knit 36 sts around leg opening with dpn’s. and work 1" ribbing (similar to neck ribbing)

So I think what I’m supposed to do is continue knitting the three pieces off what I have right now (the 11sts width pieces which are outside the 10 sts cast offs, and the 80 st piece between the cast offs. Then I am supposed to knit right across the whole piece casting on stitches in the places where I had cast them off before, leaving me with two holes for the leg ribbing to be attached.

Does this make sense???

If this is correct then I have a few more quick questions regarding the casting on row.

  1. what do I do with the three seperate strands of yarn from the 3 2.5" length sections? I would asume I have to work them back in somehow

  2. Why does it say I have to turn the work to cast back on the stitches?

Again thanks for your help


It looks like you’re on the right track.

Any ends that you stop using can be woven in later, unless somewhere you pick up and knit anything around the leg holes. Leave them and see.

They say to turn to cast on, because I suspect they’re suggesting cable cast on which is easiest when you hold the needle in your left hand. Any cast on would probably work, as long as it is done after the stitches you worked. I’d probably do backward loop right on the right needle.


Thank you so much

Hopefully this works… haha and if it doesn’t I doubt Paris will complain too much… the beauty of knitting my first project for the puppy.


I’m sorry I have yet another question

I purl’d the first section, and I cut off the yarn and tied it up in a little bobble for that section, but then I went to purl the middle chunk onto the same needle (passing over the cast off section) and I realized that I don’t know how to start it, there is no working yarn anymore. Did I mess this up or is there a way to work in a new yarn to purl this section with?

Thanks again


You can just start purling with a new strand of yarn and weave in the ends later. What I do for more security sometimes is tie a slip knot in my yarn and pull that through as my first stitch.

You can also check out Amy’s videos on connecting yarn.