365 Knitting Stitches a Year

I got 365 Knitting Stitches a Year–Perpetual Calendar. :cheering: It is so cool. I’m really empressed with all the different stitches.


Does anyone else have this little book? What are you making? I am going to make an off-white afghan with the 4x4 swatches from each day. :happydance:

I would recommend it if you enjoy trying new stitches.
Carla :wink:

cool idea!

I’ve had mine for many months…I love it, I’ve used it for cuffs in socks by using some of the lace, cable and texture patterns. I made a few scarves with it…it’s really very useful and lots of fun to experiment with! :heart: :heart: :heart: it!!

Ooh, that sounds like fun 1to1! Neat idea!

I too have this book, it was mentioned in another thread. There is also a website out there that helps with making the calendar a bit more useful by telling you which dates have similar number of cast on stitches.

ah found it, that thread is here.

Thanks Rorshach…that’s quite helpful

Rorshach, I must have missed that thread. I did print off the list of the different multiples. I guess I wasn’t the only one with the afghan idea. I started out doing an 8"x8" square but that just took too long since I really want to try a new stitch a day.

Some of the stitches I’m like :wall: but I’ll go to my lys and have her show me the correct way.

Which ones have you all found more difficult?

Have a great weekend!

I used these to knit my coffee bras.

Did you knit and crochet? They look very cool!

Hi, Feministmama (aka muse)!
I do knit and crochet, but these are all knit. Neat what you can do with different stitches, eh?

the coffee cozies are cool…I can see why fm asked about crochet. The one in the middle does look like it could be. It IS fun to see all the different stitches!

Clockwise from tallest coffee cup:
brick rib (1/3) in beige; on 2nd coffee cup is whelk pattern (1/2) in blue, green and beige; in blue on right is basket rib (1/1); purple “geek” is from Stitch n’ Bitch wrist band pattern; center is zigzag openwork (1/4) in blue and beige; purple star pattern also a wrist band pattern from Stitch n’ Bitch.

I think my fav is the basket rib…would look GREAT on a pair of socks!

So far, the ones I’ve found to be the most difficult, are usually the cables, and the ones that require me to create the knots, and twisting the stitches. I get through them, but it takes me a bit longer to get it.

[color=indigo]I’m having trouble with a few. I’m not sure how many to cast on cause I’m trying to keep it around 4x4. I don’t have my book here but I think they are days May 17 or 18 something like Ridged Eyelets.

Believe it or not I actually enjoy the cables. But when I first started knitting in Feb/05 my knitting teacher had me do a cabled scarf. I made it the size of a dishcloth. It was to overwhelming to think of doing a whole scarf. Now I’m not afraid of cabling at all.[/color]