3 needle bindoff versus short rows

HELP!! Could someone tell me why patterns use “short rows” instead of three needle bindoff? Does one make the sweater fit better than the other? Inquirying minds need to know!! Thanks!!:knitting:

If you’re going to use a 3 needle BO instead of conventional stair step binding off, you would do short rows. So I’m not sure what patterns have you do short rows [I]instead[/I] of 3 nbo.

Short row shaping can give you a more gradual sloping of the shoulder and closer fit versus the blunt-boxy look often seen with a 3 needle bind off. At least that is my take on it.

Your question confuses me becuase the 2 techniques are for different results. You wouldn’t use one or the other. I use both for shoulder seams. The short rows, as mentioned, will give you a gradual slop, then the 3-ndle bind off will give you a really nice shoulder seam.

Yeah, that’s what I wondered… you’d actually use both together, not separately, unless you just do a straight shoulder seam maybe, withouth the sloping.