3 needle-bind off

Hurray–I did my first 3-needle bind off on my vest, thanks to you, Ingrid. Remember, I confessed about my first vest–I couldn’t seam the shoulders. Well, I took your suggestion, and finished my vest tonight and the shoulders look wonderful. I did a seed stitch around the front and the armholes, and it still rolls up around the edges. It’s made of acrylic yarn, so can I block it and see if this helps? I know you don’t block acrylic, so I just wondered.

The 3-needle bind off is the way to go, although it took me quite a while to do it. It made a beautiful seam. I am so proud of my new seams!

Knitaholic :smiley:

You won’t hurt it to try to block it. Lay a wet towel on it and let it dry there, that might help. Is it curling, or is the whole border folding up? I find that happens with seed stitch, too.

The whole border is folding up–is there anything else I can do besides blocking it?



I made a scarf of a blend for my daughter. It’s mostly acrylic and I tried the towel thing from the back. It helped, but I think if she washes it it will happen again.

I recently made a scarf, but it was wool/soysilk and I wet blocked it.

Definitely give it a try–you can’t hurt it. Even a little steam can be used on acrylic. Just don’t iron it.