3 needle bind-off and more!

I keep seeing this, but does that mean you need DPN’s? I only have straight needles because I can’t afford to buy more right now. Soooo… what the heck is a 3 needle bind off? Is it just 3 straight needles or what??? :??

Tbl… through back loop… what does that MEAN?! I keep seeing it everywhere.

Tbl–exactly that. Normally you put your needle through the front loop, right? When you knit tbl, you put your needle in the leg of the loop that comes down the back of the left needle. No biggie.

Three needle bind off is done with three regular needles.

It’s most commonly used at a shoulder seam but is also used on the infamous clogs.

You are basically knitting the front and back of the shoulder together and binding them off at the same time. It makes the most wonderful seam you can imagine!!

Ah okay. I figured, but I wasn’t sure and figured I’d ask.

I don’t get it… but I’ll go watch a video or something and figure it out. Figure figure figure figure figure…

It’s much easier to understand how to do it by watching a video or seeing diagrams. It’s not hard to do, though.

Hooray! Hooray! That’s very exciting. It’s the only thing I had left to learn for the sweater I’m making. :slight_smile:

Amy’s video is right here on the bottom, give it a go :wink: