3 mm knitting needle conversion

Hello, I am new and have a pattern calling for a 3 mm needle and a 3.5 mm needle. Looking on the internet it appears that the 3mm has no conversion in U.S. sizes. What should I do and how do you handle gauge in these instance. Should I just go down to a 3 or 2 depending on gauge? I just find it curious. Thanks in advance

Keep in mind that the size isn’t going to matter as long as you achieve the gauge you’re after. That’s what counts.

That said, if you’re interested, I’ve seen 3mm called “US size 2.5”. Chiaogoo makes and sells them (along with other fill-in-the-gap sizes like US 1.5), and I assume others do as well though I haven’t dug around…

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Thanks for the reply. That makes sense! I appreciate it.