3 FO's

I love this site…it keeps me motivated to finish a project!! Sorry for the pics being out of order…I have yet to figure out how to properly align them :stuck_out_tongue: But I think they are pretty self explanatory!

Here are my 3 FO’s.

1st is the malabrigo scarf I was working on for my DD made with a mock cable pattern

Next is the Flirtation Cozy (thanks Nathalie!) Mine isn’t as nice looking as hers, but I like it none the less! I must say that going from the scrumptious malabrigo directly to some RHSS I had for this project was a bit of a shock to my hands! I also have to find a larger mug for it - then all will be good!

And finally, this is the Cable Comfort Throw from Lion Brand. http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/60607A.html?noImages= I added the contrasting SC border and croched the panels together. It is a much smaller throw than I had hoped for, but c’est la vie! I started this for my DH over a year ago…it was my first attempt at cabling and is nice and toasty warm, if a bit on the small side!!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Well done, Margaret!
Cable is something I have hopes of doing some day… LOL!

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question.
:knitting: [/COLOR]

Those are very nice! I like the cozy, cute idea.

TEMA, if you want an easy,enjoyable first cableing experience, may I suggest Silver’s Palindrome Scarf? It’s a wonderful pattern.

Thank you Tema! You MUST try it - it’s much easier than it appears! I didn’t even need a video to figure it out, and I am a very visual learner…and not a very experienced knitter!

Oh my Marg! You have been a busy knitter! WOW! Lots of FO’s to share! Great work! Don’tcha just love cabling?!!

I do love cabling - it produces a nice pattern, and it’s really easy to do!

Thanks for the compliments…I just wish I could whip out a sweater like you do :notworthy: - it takes me that long to do a scarf lol!

:happydance: They look great!!