3 circular parts...how do put them together

OKay so I am making Tempting. I am almost done with the body, just another inche or so. I want to make sure that I am clear before I do the last row of the body.

Here is the insturction specifically:
Place next 12 [14,16,18,20] sts on waste yarn, work across 60[66, 74, 82, 88] sts, place next 12 [14,16,18,20] sts on waste yarn, work to end of rnd. Set aside. Do not break yarn.

Here is what I think I should do:

Thread 14 stitches into a strand of waste yarn. Leave a some loose yarn from the ball and knit the next 66, slip the next 14 into waste yarn again, and again leave a loop of extra yarn to work the last section of stitch.

This will leave the ball attached to the body and also keep the elesticity facotr correct

Then I make the sleeves and when I join them I just work around the top edge of everything not on waste yarn…I think…I hope… :slight_smile:

I’d probably avoid that loop of yarn and work those stitches as part of the row before putting them on the waste yarn. It will just get in the way later. The stitches are the underam stitches that will be attached to the live stitches of the sleeves later.

Yeah. I’m with Ingrid. You don’t want that loop of yarn and the way she said to do it is the only way not to have it.

I agree, don’t leave extra yarn there. After you’ve put the sleeve stitches on the waste yarn, knit those 66 stitches as if the sleeve stitches aren’t there. Otherwise you’ll end up with really loose stitches under the arm.


okay…so…, please bear with me here while I make sure i get it.

So work 14 stiches and then place them into waste yarn rather the then circular I am using. work the 66, then work the 14 and place into waste yarn after working, not on the circular, then continue the next 66.

Which means I would have a circleon the needle with 2 spaces across from each other where its on waste yarn instead…yes?

That’s right. You’ll work on those 2 sets of 14 stitches later for the sleeves. Right now, you’re doing the body and will knit 132 stitches.


Okay I finished the sleeves. Now I am going to to and try and attached the sleeves. Heres my issue. (yes a new one) Its a 2x2 rib through out. When I set aside the 14 on the sleeves and the top where called for, it puts a purl and purl part of the rib together when I go to join them.

Has anyone made this? Did I screw up some where?