2x1 rib stitch

Trying to work my
Own version of a pixie baby bonnet but not sure how to increase and decrease in a 2x1 rib. Any free patterns that show this?

You could increase in the purl columns to go to k2p2 and decrease in the k2 to get to k1p1 depending on where these occur.

This is a photo of what I’m attempting. In the past I’ve done a straight knit and sewn up the sides to form the back, but I liked that this one seemed to be a bit smaller at the base.

If I were to increase about 8 stitches throughout the first few rows and then decrease on the end to get back to that original number I would think it would help keep things more secure on baby’s head. Wish I could find a similar pattern but I haven’t had much luck.

The cast on at the face might be just worked on a smaller needle then changed to a larger size for the main body of the cap.
There’s not so much increase at the back of the head but increasing on the purl sts for the last couple of rows should do it.
It’s really a sweet baby hat.