25% nylon sock yarn for colourwork?

Hello everyone, Happy Knitting Weekend hopefully. First of alI l am on a tight budget. I have some left over sock yarn and l would like to try a little colourwork. I have odds and ends of ZigZag, Drops Nord, Cygnet Truly Rich Sock yarn, Drops Fabel and WYS Signature.
Am l able to use these yarns left overs to knit colourwork hats and vests or jumpers? I have Strange Brew by Tin Can Knits and l have also ordered a new book called Primer Scandinavian Knits.Both these books shall hold my hand as l am a beginner. Rennies JC and Jamiesons and Jamiesons are just not affordable for me at the moment.
Do you think l could use my left over sock knitting scraps to knit a 4ply item, would they be toothy enough to grip each other or would the nylon content be detrimental?
Thank you in advance to any of you who might wish to comment.

I have friends who use leftover sock yarn for very exciting sweater patterns. Some use a solid main color sock yarn with a crazy quilt mix of striped sock yarns. It works well and should be nicely washable.

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Thank you Salmonmac this is great news for me and a relief that l can use my sock yarn for colourwork.