24 x 30= okay for baby blanket?

I’m having a knitting emergency! I’m almost done with a baby blanket and realized I will run out of yarn before it’s over. Oh no! I’m knitting with lime green held together with white and although I’ll have enough green, I’ll run out of white.
Living on an overseas military base makes it difficult to run out to the store and grab some more yarn. The arts & crafts center here has a very limited selection, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they might have some white in stock tomorrow, but if not, do you think 24 or 25x30 is a sensible size?

Also… running out of the yarn I’m using as a border too (I really must learn to plan better…and finish earlier, the baby shower is on Sunday!) but I did order some. I’m hoping it will be here tomorrow when I check mail, but if it’s not, would it be possible to bind off to give the blanket and then hook on and knit the rest of the border after the yarn arrives?

Any and all advice welcome!

I loved all sizes of blankets when my girl was a baby. the small ones are great for the carseat/ stroller. just enough to cover, without getting caught in the wheels/ straps/ contraptions. Then- for later- it is great for a security blankie b/c it isn’t dragging on the ground all the time a la Linus.

I’m not experienced enough to answer about the border- but it seems it would be ok to add it later- Mason Dixon knitting picks up bound stitches all the time to add different blocks of color.

and I loved any gift made for my baby with love. All the blankies (that are not currently in use) are carefully stored for when she grows up.

I agree with marykz… Ive been going to a lot of baby showers lately, so have been reading a lot about blankets, and the consensus seems to be that you cant get too many blankets, and there is no ‘right size’ for a blanket…there are just so many different ways to use them :slight_smile:

I preferred the larger 36x36 blankets, but the smaller ones have their place, too. :wink:

You can bind off then later undo the bind off and put the stitches back on the needles to continue.

I have a thought though…rather than give her an unfinished blanket or one you would have preferred larger you could get her something small and add a photo teaser (just a small section) of the blanket and tell her she’s getting this when you finish next week?

i’ve given an unfinished baby blanket at a shower before. it was a hit, because the mom got to see what it would look like, and everyone ooohed and aaahed over it since it was obviously hand knit. i explained in the card that it wasn’t finished yet, and took it home with me after the shower to finish it. the mom didn’t mind at all, and i didn’t get any funny looks. that said, if you can find the yarn to make it as big as you want it, then give it “unfinished”, with the promise that it will be done before the baby comes. if you can’t find the yarn, finish it at the smaller size.

i have also picked up stitches around the edges for borders on many baby blankets. it takes a little while since you have so many stitches, but looks neat when you’re done. just be sure you’re picking up around both your white and green.

Thanks for your ideas/support!

I did give an unfinished blanket at the last shower I went to (I tied pink ribbons on the ends of my needles!) but I don’t want to become known as “the girl who never finishes presents on time” Ha!

I love that a smaller blanket would be ‘acceptable’. Especially because I can “market” it as a traveling blankie–the other parts of the gift are a little cardigan and this cute little diaper pouch I found at a crafts fair. It’s just big enough to hold 3 diapers and a pack of wipes, so you might take it out if you’re just going somewhere quick.

I’m still crossing my fingers that my border yarn will arrive today! If it doesn’t, I may be asking for details about how to pick up the stitches later!