24 inch circulars

Okay, so I got some 24 inch circulars for christmas. I found out that I can’t make hats with them(I really want to make a hat…), and so, what things can your make with them? They are sizes 13 and 8’s. I have no idea what to make with them :frowning:

any ideas?

Thank you! :smiley:

I use circulars for any flat project that is going to be longer than 8 or 10 inches. I find that using them takes on the weight of a project, so I’m not moving the whole thing every time I move my needle to make a stitch. KWIM?

That makes sense…

Hm… Maybe use them to make my first big project or long project? :??

24 inch are great to have for knittin straight, as Nicole said, and also they are ideal for sweaters.

Thanks Ingrid. What size of sweaters can you make with them? Like, childrens sweaters or adult sweaters?

Mostly adult sizes, though some larger childrens’ sweaters could use them. In fact Elizabeth Zimmerman said she only used 24 inch for all her sweaters.

Okay, if I wanted to do a sweater to fit a one or two year old, what would be the prefferable size of circulars? around 16’s?

16 could work, depending on the yarn and number of stitches, but I think a 20 would be more likely.

okay. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I want to make my first sweater or shirt for my neice. Maybe one for her first birthday or something. :slight_smile:

Making little sweaters is the best practice for making big ones. They have the same general shaping, without miles of knitting. Plus, if the size is a little off, or if there is a mistake, kids grow quickly and don’t mind a glitch or two.

Yeah, my little neice gained about 6 pounds within the past 3 months. So shes a fast grower. I was contemplating about making it a few weeks before she hits a year so that I know she will be able to fit it…

Have any idea what type of yarn to use?

Anything machine washable and dryable!! I lean toward Encore for kids’ sweaters because it’s soft, and comes out of the washer and dryer beautifully. It also comes in both worsted and dk. There are some really soft acrylics out there, too, so if you go to a shop and feel around, you should be able to find something. www.knittingpatterncentral.com has a section of toddler clothing you could look through for ideas. There’s also a cute cabled sweater at www.knitty.com .

I’ve felt some really nice and soft acrylics out there. Walmart has some really nice and cheap ones. Maybe something like homespun? Or even something like Red Heart acrylic that’s nice and soft?

Mentioning RH or WM can start a war here… I shudder to think what’s gonna happen with both being mentioned in one post! :shock: I WORK at WM, and do most of my knitting and crocheting with RH, so I’ll take the flak! :roflhard:
Seriously though, a soft acrylic usually tends to be a forgiving yarn, and nearly always is machine washable and dryable too. That’s a definite concern in knitting for little ones. I find RHSS a little on the scratchy side, even after several washings. It does wear like iron though, and I would recommend it for a pullover or hoodie so it’s not right up against the skin.

So maybe make a poncho with RH for my neice then?

It’s really hard to actually find a good yarn at a cheap price at a store around here… My mom gets kind of shakey with buying yarn online, so maybe use what I can find. Hopefully Joann will have a sale with a nice brand of acrylic yarn that’s nice and soft. :slight_smile:

I’m not a big fan of Homespun. There are much nicer, easily available ones out there. Some people love it, but though I agree that the colors are beautiful, I find it unpleasant to work with and it will stretch out later on.

Hm… Do you have any personal favorite yarns that you preffer whenever making sweaters Ingrid?

I’ve used a lot of Encore for the boys sweaters. To be honest, I haven’t been in the market for any other easy-care yarn for a while, so I’m sure that there are some yarns out there that I don’t even know about. Go to Michaels/Joanns, whatever is available to you, and dig your fingers in the yarn and squeeze. Just remember that you don’t need too much for a small sweater, so maybe you can indulge in some of the higher quality yarns for your niece. Plus there are lots of colors available for little girls’ sweaters that I haven’t been able to take advantage of.

Joann’s is the only one we have around here. I’m getting 50$ from my mom so maybe I can pick up some more circulars and some yarn for her sweater. I want to make it in a multi-colored yarn in pastels. She looks really cute in yellows and pinks…

There are some yummy mulitcolored yarns out there. Be sure to show it off when you get some!