2010 Spring swap

I have participated in a few of these and had a blast! So I thought I would give organizing one a go! The theme will be Spring. I know it is cold and wintery out for a lot of us, but by the time we get this completed it should be right about the time for those spring projects! I have a basic questionaire, but feel free to add as much personal info as possible. Please PM your questionaire to me by [B][B][COLOR=“Red”]February 12, 2010. All packages should be posted by March 15th 2010. Lets HAVE FUN!!![/COLOR][/B][/B]


  1. Knitting Help name
  2. Real life name
  3. alternative email address
  4. do you wish to be contacted via KH or email?
  5. What is your favorite thing to knit?
  6. what colors do you like and associate with the coming season?
  7. What springtime activity/s do you enjoy?
  8. Is there a particular garment or item that you think is essential for spring?
  9. Any pertinant allergies? (I don’t think an allergy to penicillin is necassary but we dont want to give you hives if you can’t touch wool!)
  10. what is your maximum spend on yarn ($5,$10,$20,$30)?
  11. Are you prepared to post internationally.
  12. What is your postal address?

I send you a PM…
Thank you for letting me know about this…
Im excited to participate. :yay:


I am glad to have the first few sign ups! :woot: :woot: You will really enjoy this Melissa!

I would love to do this, except… This time of year is busiest for me in my gardens as I have bulbs to get in and flower beds to ready for spring. Also, this year we begin the build of the rose bower in our back yard. I won’t have time to dedicate to anything but my plants and flower beds until July.

maybe there will be one this summer? Too bad your missing out. I always have a great time participating in these! I’ve got several PM’s already and I am getting EXCITED!

I would love to do this! PM’d you…

I would love to do this but all i know how to knit now are hats and scarves…

You dont have to knit anything…its sortof like a secret santa… Join us!!!

thats OK, just fill out the questionare and PM me! :slight_smile: We weould love to have you participate. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am so excited to have our first sign ups! Any more takers? Theres still time to have fun with us!:cheering:


I’m new to the forum, but not new to knitting. I have never participated in a swap…What sort of things do you usually knit?

I’d like to participate…

Thanks in advance,


Can’t wait to get started! :happydance: :happydance:

Good morning everyone! I am working on matching everyone with a partner so be on the look out for your swap info! Lets have fun!

:cheering: :knitting: :cheering: :knitting: :cheering: :knitting:

I got my partner and this is great fun planning for this!!!:yay:

How is everyone else doing? having lots of fun I hope! :cheering: :cheering:

Yay! I got my partner info!! What are we supposed to send? I have some ideas but not sure what the guidelines are if there are any! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

What are we supposed to send? I have some ideas but not sure what the guidelines are if there are any!

Yea … what she said. :slight_smile:

Oh good! I thought I was the only one and had somehow missed something… :woohoo:

I’ve never done a swap before and cheekyprincess suggested patterns, yarns, etc… Even gathering some neat free online patterns to add to the gift. It’s kind of like secret santa!

Hope that helped.

I’m so excited!:slight_smile:

my swap partner said some things in his questionaire that were not related to knitting so im working on that too. I went sneaking thro his posts too to scrounge up any bits of information i could about what he likes, ect.

I have to make one thing and write a note and its ready to be sent. I got all the rest of the things yesterday. I even got my husband in on this one.

MAJOR hints here on who my partner is !!!

can you guess?:teehee: