2010 New Year's Eve Party - KH Forum KAL

Hello everyone! :waving:

Every year, I host a knit-along to bring in the New Year in our forum. This year, we’ll be having an all-night discussion (come as you can), with [B][COLOR=blue]prizes[/COLOR][/B] and [U]fun[/U]!

Read more about it here.

To join in the party, just click on the link above, and start typing! :slight_smile:
I hope you can join us in ringing in 2010!
:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:

:slight_smile: Sounds fun!!! I’ll bring the confetti:woohoo:I’m planning an “all nighter” just to enjoy the “Blue Moon” so I’ll be up… BTW I’m on EST in Ohio

Sounds fantastic, however we host a block party each year… I’ll be really rilly busy.

I’m really glad to see this thread.

Last year I hung with you folks in the (now defunct) Chat Room - it was a wonderful life saver…

DH and I had a HUGE, NASTY fight and I grabbed a couple of Dottie’s Toddies and retreated to my “office” and spent a really pleasant and healing New Year’s with y’all. :grphug:

Knitting in the New Year with fellow Knit-Wits. :woot:


PS - That was our last really violent fight (just yelling and screaming, nothing more physical than slamming doors). :cool:

Excellent! :cheering: I forgot about the Blue Moon. I wish I could find the old episode of Gilligan’s Islandon Hulu or YouTube to watch at the same time. I just love hearing Gilligan yell, “It’s a blue moon, Skipper! It’s a blue moon!” Ha! :teehee:

Bummer! Maybe I’ll schedule a party for my birthday next week, and you can join that! :wink: Good luck with your block party!

SO glad we could help you through that night. Believe me, I’ve been there. :pout: Hopefully, tonight will be a HAPPY way to enjoy your Dottie’s Toddy! :hug: