2007 Finished Objects

Hello Everyone! I’d first like to say how much I love this forum. I’m a self-taught knitter thanks to the great videos on this site and the wonderful other knitters here. Thank you all!

I taught myself how to knit in the summer of last year and spent the year getting comfortable with blankets, scarves, hats, etc. I set several knitting goals for 2007. Two of those goals were learning the fair isle technique and knitting socks. Here are pictures of both of those completed. I loved doing both of them. For any sock newbies I highly reccomend the Silver Sock Tutorial! I was very intimidated about doing socks but it was so clearly explained. I will second everyone on this board when they say socks are addicting, I already started my second pair.

Thanks again to everyone whose been so helpful. Can’t wait to continue on my knitting journey!

PS I love seeing everyone’s finished objects. It inspires me. You guys are great!

Nice job on both projects! I escpecially :heart: your socks. What pattern did you use?

Very, very pretty! :heart:

What kind/color of yarn for the socks???

Hi, I used Silver’s Sock Tutorial becuase I’ve heard such good things about that for beginner’s and the sock yarn I used was from Cherry Tree Hill. It was beautiful!

Great job on both. I love the hat! :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I love the look of the sock yarn!

Way to go on the Fair Isle. I find that fun to knit too!

Nice work!! I LOVE those socks!!!

Hot socks! :cheering:


Way to go–those are great! Fair Isle is one of my goals for this year–I plan to ask dh to pay for a private knitting lesson or two as a birthday gift and that’s what I want to ask them to work on with me…

I love the socks! They look terrific!! I have unfinished socks in the bottom of my knitting bag that have been there FOREVER! I think I’m ready to “turn the heel”, and I’m excited… well, maybe not excited, just really want to get them done and onto my feet, but my knitting guru is on vacation so I’ll have to wait. Next time I will try Silver’s Tutorial, which I have downloaded. This pattern was called Harriett’s Hiker Socks and even Miss Knitting Guru, who has been knitting since she was a child, said she would never make them again. :wall:
So maybe my aversion to knitting socks will be overcome if I try Silver’s sometime, since I’ve heard so many good comments here about the tutorial. Has anyone else ever done the Autumn House Farms- Harriet’s Hiker Socks?

OTN (other than the socks): Bag, which will be felted, alpaca scarf, belt