2 WIP! Rockstar Backpack & Amble Cabled Purse

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Hello All! I’m new here and thought I’d share my current projects (and learn the lingo. WIP FO? WTF? ;p)

First is the Rockstar Backpack from Stitch 'n Bitch, which has two patterns either for a monkey or a rabbit. I thought the rabbit was a cat, so I altered the intarsia a little bit to make it look like my cat Helo. I need my sisters help sewing the lining, and I have to figure out the zipper. Pattern called for a 9" separating zipper, which are like impossible to find! I’m hoping I can just use a non-separating, big plastic one in either gray or black.

The white was an old skein of Red Heart white or off-white that actually ran out before I was done. I had to buy another one, and the colors didn’t really match so I think the old one got a little discolored somehow. It’s a close enough match tho. The colors are all scraps that I had left over. The gray I think is Wool Ease from the very first scarf I made.

And here’s Helo just for reference, nomming on a catnip mouse I made (pattern also in Stitch 'n Bitch!)

Second is for a cabled purse for my besty. I tried just free knitting her a purse years ago that never went any where so I looked (and looked and looked) for a nice purse pattern and settled on this one.

Thanks for looking.


Those items are beautiful. I adore your kitty portrait bag!!

Beautiful work!! Love the kitty bag. Is that for you or one of your children?

Very cute. You could also use snaps, which would be easy to sew on across the closure and would keep things “in.”


@Jan, it’s for me. He’s my “son” :wink: I got a really cute pink lining with brown polka dots.

I don’t think the separting vs non-separating zipper will be an issue. I’ll make it work!

Very nice! I think the overall cabled purse was worth waiting for. Welcome to KH and thanks for the pictures.

Nice work! cute kitty!

Your backpack is coming along nicely. You captured the distinguishing mark on Helo’s face for sure. Little purse is going well too.

WIP= Work in progress

FO= Finished object

sometimes you’ll see UFO, that’s unfinished object

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Thank you for the compliments! I’m on the last touches for the kitty bag. My sister helped me (err did) the lining for me, so I just have to sew it into the bag, and tighten the corners. I ended up getting a bulky plastic 9" non separating zipper, which worked perfectly fine. And it was cheaper than the 10" separating one.

As for the purse, I’m probably almost half done but i keep getting holes by the cables. Any tips for getting rid of those?[/COLOR]

Great work! Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us!

WOW!! Really nicely done…love the colors!! ;9

You can tighten up the sts on either side of the cable a little or you can twist them on the WS. Blocking often makes them smaller too. It’s a part of cabling that gets better as you do more of it.