2 strands of yarn held tog?

I am a new knitter and new to the site as well. I am going to attempt to make a baby blanket and the pattern says that I will be working with 2 strands of yarn held together througout.

I’m not sure what this will mean. When I cast on my first 126 stitches won’t it look like 252? I don’t want to start incorrectly and have to unravel my work, but I’ve never seen this in a pattern before.

Thanks in advance.

You treat the 2 strands as if they were one. While you will have 252 loops over the needle, there’s only 126 actual stitches. So when you go to knit into the CO stitches, make sure your tip goes through both strands. Practice it on about 20 sts to see how it goes.

Yes, you just start casting on and knitting with two strands of yarn instead of just one. You’ll have two different balls or skeins of yarn coming into the knitting all the way through the project. When you knit with it, it just feels like a thicker strand of yarn. It will be easy…no worries. :thumbsup:

Yea it just makes it a bit bulkier…You will be fine xx

I’ll take advantage of Sharifa’s question to ask how to prevent the mess that becomes unraveling when you knit with two yarns at the same time. This of course, in case you make mistakes and there is no other thing to do. It has happened to me and trust me, I’ve gone crazy.:knitting:

pick easy patterns? but seriously…it IS a pita to do, and it’s something that I really really try and avoid. I’ve wound them together before in the same ball, but then for some reason they travel at a different “rate” and it gets yucked up that way too.

I’ve heard of taking the inside of the skein and the outside of the same ball, and working with it that way.

What works best for me is to use 2 different skeins/balls of yarn. Put each one into it’s own zip lock bag. Somehow this keeps them from getting tangled up.

hope that helps-

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]The easiest way I’ve found is to get someone to roll one ball of yarn while you roll the other. If that’s totally not possible, *frog about a yard or so, then roll each color separately. Repeat from * till finished. Every once and awhile you’ll have to untwist the two different yarns. Nature of the beast.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I too have tried to roll both strands into one, adn found that it sucks a lot. Of course I was using cascade 220, which is a felting yarn, and the yarn wanted to meld together in disgusting ways, but I still recommend using 2 seperate balls/skeins and putting the 2 strands together instead. And of course, there is ArtLady, who sadi once that when she does 2 strands together she gets really fussy about how they twist/lay. :zombie:

If I have to undo 2 strands and there’s still two separate balls, I usually do another ball with the 2 strands wound together. It works if you keep them all in a smallish bag so they don’t roll around too much. If there’s nothing left of the separate balls, I roll it all up into one.

When I knit with two strands held together, I just watch it when I end each row. When I turn the work, I turn it the opposite way each time. This way, the yarns don’t get twisted around each other at all.

I hope theese ladys help you with your question. I juat want to say welcome to the knitting world, and welcome to our site. :cool: